What is the cheapest month to get Disney military cruise?

The memories you made with your family and friends are priceless, everything else is pricy.

Wanted to go on a Disney cruise with the family and friends on a reasonable budget? Let’s find the best time to get a cruise from the Disney cruise line so that you can save some of your money.

Disney cruise like the other cruise lines also offers some special military discounts. These discounts are not valid throughout the year but only during a specific time of the year. The Disney cruise line offers discounts mostly during the military month as showing a thanking gesture towards the brave men and women of the country.

What is the cheapest month to get Disney military cruise?

National military appreciation month;

 The cheapest month to get the military cruise, the most highlighted one is May as it’s known as the national military appreciation month in the United States. It is recognized as the month of unity.

The Disney cruise line offers heavy discounts to the respected military personals of the United States this month. These military offers are available for many military officers from all over the country. They can enjoy the best time of their life in the lowest possible amount with the military cruise from the Disney cruise line.

Veteran day:

On account of veteran day on the 11th of November, the Disney cruise line offers military discounts on various cruises for the whole month of November.

Other months:

Other months when one can get the discount offers by the Disney cruise line are

  • Mid to late January.
  • Early February.
  • Some weeks in March and April.
  • September
  • Early November
  • Early December.

During these above mentioned months, the cruise prices are slightly lower than the normal rates. If during these months military discounts are also offered by the cruise line then the military personals will be lucky enough to save some extra money.

Factors affecting the cruise lines:

It is completely impossible to predict the cruise prices of the Disney cruise line during different times of the year because the prices are not fixed and deviate depending on the demand.

Where there is an increase in demand, there is an increase in price so. The prices are high during the peak time of the year when people are free from their duties and wanted a relaxing vacation. Mostly high rates are noticed when the children’s schools are closed. In peak times you can’t expect any kind of decrease in price or any military discount from the cruise line. In that peak time company has the edge to make a huge profit and they don’t want to miss the chance anyway by offering military discounts and offers like that.

Saving money on a Disney cruise:

Wanted to save as much money as you can while cruising with the Disney cruise line? You are advised to book your cruise as soon as the booking gets open. In early bookings, you will get the option of different staterooms at different prices so you can choose one from them of your desired price range.

People wait for the special offers and remain stuck with the highest price staterooms in the end because the lows price staterooms do well and get booked during the initial time of the bookings.

Another thing that you can do for saving your money is to hire a travel agent. Getting your cruise booked from a high-end store can make you save a little of your money which you can use afterward. The travel agents come with some special deals too.

Pros and cons of cruising with a Disney cruise line:

Pros; the pros of cruising with the Disney cruise line are

  • Your children will have the best time there. They will get a blast there if they are in love with the Disney characters because cruising with Disney lines means it’s all about Disney there.
  • In the Disney cruise, the children under 3 will get professional babysitting from the ladies that are trained for this duty.
  • The staff is very much cordial with the kids as it is their job requirement.
  • The adults experience the best restaurants out there in the Disney cruise line.

Cons; the cons of cruising with the Disney cruise line are

  • The biggest drawback of the Disney cruise line is that it’s expensive among all cruise lines.
  • You will face long queues everywhere. Where you need to meet a Disney character you first have to follow the queue and then you will be able to meet that character.
  • There are so many mickey shaped pools in the main deck they all remain heavily crowded with the kids.


What things are not allowed to take on the cruise?

The Disney cruise line follows the zero weapons policy.

The guests are not allowed to take ammunitions, firearms, swords, daggers, or any other kind of weapon along with them on the cruise.

Is the Disney cruise line worth the money?

The Disney cruise line is worth the money only when your children are huge fans of the Disney characters and are at the right age to enjoy that wonderful experience.

Which is the best ship on the Disney cruise line?

The following are the ranked ships of the Disney cruise line

  • Disney magic
  • Disney wonder
  • Disney dream
  • Disney fantasy

Out of the four above Disney, magic is recognized as the best.


Overall cruising with the Disney cruise line is a nice experience to do.

If you and your children love the Disney characters then is a must to do once in your lifetime experience. If you want to avail yourself low prices then don’t plan your trip in the peak seasons that is during charismas or the school vacation days. Try to plan during the odd days of the year.

It is recommended for the military personals to plan their trip in May and November so that they can get the military offers offered by the Disney cruise line.