Military and Veteran Groups on Princess

Military Veterans Princess Group Cruise

Military and Veterans who book a Princess group cruise with Military Cruise Deals will get the best possible rate and most possible perks on ALL cabins booked in their group.

This is one of the reasons that Military Cruise Deals and Princess are so affordable together, and such a great option for military and Veteran families.

Why should you use Military Cruise Deals to book your group cruise?

  • We’ve been in business since 2001.
  • We’ve received hundreds of 5-star reviews from military members who’ve booked cruises with us.
  • We are well-known and respected by all the cruise lines.
  • We are a no fee agency – meaning, we never charge any changes or cancell
  • ation fees like most travel agencies.
  • We are cruise experts. We’ve been doing this a looooooong time, and we know everything about cruises.
  • We are a family business, and owner-operated.
  • We are available by phone and email 7 days a week! We respond to all queries almost instantly!

Have questions about a group cruise on Princess?

We have all the answers! Keep reading!

Military and Veterans Group Cruise on Princess

What are the minimum number of cabins and people required to make a military and veteran groups on Princess?

5 cabins with a minimum of 10 passengers.

What is the deposit schedule for military and veteran groups on Princess? When is money due and how much?

20% of the the fare is due within 72 hours of putting the names on the reservation.

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Military Veterans Princess Group Cruise

What are the benefits offered to military and veteran groups on Princess?

A. Amenity Points

B. Tour Conductor credit(s)

C. Our military discount and Princess’s onboard credit!

Military and Veteran's Groups on Princess Cruises

A. All About Fun Points for Groups on Princess

The benefits or perks offered with Princess group cruises are allocated based on Princess ‘group amenity points’.

The amount of ‘amenity points’ that your group cabins are entitled to depends on the cruise selected and the number of passengers in the group. 

Once you have selected a specific sailing, and know what type of cabins your group wants, and how many in your group – we’ll look into Princess’s system to see how many points your group will get.

These amenity points can be used to get onboard credit for each cabin in the group or various other gifts*.

Using the amenity points, your group may then choose ONE option:

a. either the onboard credit amount that applies for your sailing,

b. one of the other gift choices, *

Whatever you select then applies to all cabins in the group.

Here is a table from Princess, which shows what your amenity points can get for you, and how many fun points each gift costs, based on the length of the sailing. 

Military and Veterans Princess Group Cruise

B. The Tour Conductor Credit(s) applied to Princess Group Cruises.

Each group will get one tour conductor credit per 8 cabins with 16 people.

This tour conductor credit can be used to give 1 passenger a FREE cruise fare!

This credit begins applying once all 8 cabins are booked and the amount of the tour conductor credit is the average for the group based on double occupancy.

This means, if most of the cabins booked are inside cabins, the amount of the tour conductor credit will be one inside cruise fare.

The person with the free fare will still have to pay taxes and port charges though.

You could choose to distribute the amount of this free cruise fare to all passengers in the group, thus lowering everyone’s fare by a small amount.

But we recommend this credit be allocated to the person in your group who’s going through the most trouble to organize the group. Because, honestly folks, organizing a group takes a lot of work. Some groups especially are like herds of feral cats…getting them all going in the same direction is impossible.

C. Our military discount

In addition to all the group benefits provided by Princess, any groups booked with Military Cruise Deals will receive an additional discount off the cruise fare. Thus, everyone in your group will PAY LESS than if they had booked directly with Princess.

PLUS any cabins with the military members in then are eligible for onboard credit from Princess of up to $250. (This onboard credit applies to the military members only.) 

Cruise LengthAmount
14 days or longer$250 per military member
7 – 13 days$100 per military member
6 days or less$50 per military member

Want a group shore excursion exclusively for members of your group?

Customize shore excursions for small groups, as well as for your group of 16 or more! You can do this once you have booked your group cruise by contacting us!

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Military Veterans Princess Group Cruise

Want to consider a group cruise on another cruise line? 

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