Military and Veteran Discounts on all Cruise Destinations

Do the cruise lines’ offer military discounts on cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, Panama Canal, and Asia?

Remember, we offer a military discount on every cruise to every destination.

However, the cruise lines tend to hand out military discounts in a more haphazard fashion.

And, unfortunately, they can appear and disappear at any time, so it’s hard to find them and be sure when and how they apply.

  • Military discounts on Caribbean cruises are most common, as there are more cruises to that destination than anywhere else.  So there are more ships to fill.
  • Military discounts on cruises to Alaska are less common because the season for Alaska cruises is shorter, Alaska can host fewer cruise ships, and Alaska is so popular, most Alaska cruises sell out way in advance.
  • Military discounts on cruises to Europe are extremely common and range from 5 to 10%.  We’ve negotiated military discounts on every MSC cruise.  Cruises to Europe are far more affordable than most people realize.  Plane fare across the ocean is usually much greater per person than a cruise fare.
  • It is far less likely to see a military discount on cruises to Asia.

How much is the military discount on cruises to these destinations?

The military discount on cruises can be anywhere from 5 to 50% less than the lowest rates for civilians.

It’s extremely rare to see a discount as great as 50% less, but it does happen, particularly on Disney cruises to the Caribbean in September through November.

We watch for those and update our Disney Specials page daily when those huge military discounts are announced.

So many amazing places to cruise…

…and we offer veteran and military discount cruises to all of them!

In fact, there are many places you can only get to on a cruise ship! (Comfortably, anyway.  🙂 )

You can book online to get this discount or Contact Us to do the booking for you.

Our discount applies to all military, veterans, their families, and any friends and family traveling with them.

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