Today’s Last-Minute Cruises in 2024 with a Military Discount

When you book with us, you get the cruise lines’ last-minute deal, AND our military discount.

The prices shown on our website reflect the lowest available rate for military and veterans offered by the cruise line, and our additional military and veteran discounts and benefits on top of that as well.

So the prices you see on our site will be discounted for military and veterans below the cruise lines’ lowest rates.

Here’s where you can find and view all last-minute cruise deals.

The links below will take you to lists of cruises to those destinations or from those departure ports, that are ordered from least expensive to most – so you can see all your best options at a glance.*

And we provide a military discount on top of that – so they are amazing deals.

Catamaran Sailaway Beach Snorkel Grand Turk

How we identify last-minute cruise deals?

Our site uses the most advantaged cruise search technology available today to access all cruises offered by all cruise lines, search through all their fare codes and find the one with the best price.  

Sometimes the lowest rate available from the cruise line will not be their military rate.  

Rather, it will likely be their non-refundable fare codes, that come with rules and restrictions.  

We are experts on:

*all cruise lines’ military rates;

*any discounts and benefits they offer to military and veterans;

*if those rates and benefits are combinable with another lower-priced fare code;

*and how to create the best combination of all options to maximize military and veteran discounts on a cruise.

We have experienced agents available every day of the week, by phone, email, chat, skype etc – to answer any questions you have. 

So don’t hesitate to contact us!!

Every day we manually search for last-minute deals from Disney with the best Military Discounts.

FIND THEM ALL HERE!  This page is updated daily.

Disney Cruise Deals

Here’s a list of Today’s HOT DEALS!

These are cruises we’ve selected specifically because they are a particularly good deal, for a variety of reasons.

They are not the CHEAPEST cruises. Rather, they are unique and the price may have just dropped.

 When are the best cruise deals available? 

Are there certain cruises that always have bigger discounts for military and veterans? YES!

The best months to find last-minute cruise deals would be the shoulder-season months of April, May, September, October and November – excluding any holiday weeks or weekends during those months.

There are almost never any last-minute deals available on summer-time or holiday cruises.  The best last-minute cruise deals for military and veterans will always be in the off-season times, of course.

If you can cruise during those off-season times, you will really get the best possible last-minute deal.

Is it necessary to book last-minute in order to get the best cruise deals and discounts for military and veterans?

Booking last-minute is not necessary to get the best deal when you book with Military Cruise Deals.

That’s because if you see a lower rate offered by the cruise line prior to your final payment date, let us know and we will get that new lower rate applied for you!

The only caveat to that is that the cruise lines will not allow us to do the refare after the time of your final payment. And that is usually 75-90 days prior to the cruise.  So if the price comes down after that time, we cannot get you the new lower rate.

Last-minute deals on cruises are unusual, as lately, most cruises are selling out way in advance, so prices on cruises often go up as it gets closer to their departure date.

Are there special discounts just for military and veteran seniors?  Yes!

Click here to see how to indicate senior and veteran (military) status on our site, and thus get both discounts applied, if applicable.