Military Cruise Deals

If you book directly with a cruise line, you will pay more than you need to. GUARANTEED.

Looking for veteran and military discounts on a cruise?

Then you’ve come to the right place!   Here’s why you should book with us:

We’ve been in business since 2001! Thousands of military families trust us and you can too.
Our Veteran and Military Discounts are guaranteed to be below the cruise lines’ lowest rate – always.

We have no fees: no booking fee, no change fee, no cancellation fee – nothing. Our service is free to you.

We monitor the rates after you book, and if the rates come down before your final payment, we’ll re-fare you to that new lower rate! No one else does that.
We offer a military discount on travel insurance, with free insurance for kids.


All U.S., Canadian active and retired military, veterans and their families all qualify for our discounts.

When you book with us, you are not helping a CEO buy a 3rd vacation home. You are helping real families put food on the table, a dad pay for his daughters’ dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey and contribute to local military organizations that help the community.

Veteran and Military Discounts


Your veteran and military status entitles you to discounts on cruise vacations!

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How to Book a Cruise with our Veteran and Military Discounts

You may book directly here on our website. Our cruise search engine is configured to reveal the cruises with the lowest military discounted rate plus our extra discount is built right in. Need to book more than one cabin? Just book the first one and then start again to book the next one.

If you want to confirm that the rate shown online was the lowest rate available to you and to get our additional discount applied, you can call us at 1-866-9-MILITARY (866-964-5482) to book the cruise with you over the phone.

Be sure to tell the agent that you or a family member is part of the Armed Forces. We will then help you find the right cruise for you at the very best price.

If the cruise line is offering their own military rate, you will get that rate for as many cabins as they allow. Even if no veteran and military discounts are offered by the cruise line, we will apply our discount to the other cabins. If you already booked with the cruise line directly before you found us and have not yet paid in full, call us anyway. We might be able to get a discount applied for you.


Learn about the best, new cruise discounts and cheap deals the moment they are announced!

Every day we look for the very best veteran and military discounts and special offers so you don’t have to! The really amazing, once-a-year-type deals are usually offered without notice and new last-minute deals pop up every day.

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Why You Should Book With Military Cruise Deals

Here are even MORE reasons why veterans and military folks like you should book your cruise with Military Cruise Deals.

We apply our military discount to all cabins that contain any friends and family of military personnel – so your whole group gets our discount! If the price of your cruise comes down, we’ll get you the lower rate or the difference in the form of onboard credits or upgrades. This applies only until the final payment date. After final payment date, most cruise lines will not adjust the rates or provide onboard credit but may offer an upgrade at their discretion.

You’ll pay the lowest possible rate – lower than if you’d booked with the cruise line directly, on-base agencies, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, or VacationsToGo. (so-called “Fast Deals” are the same price as the cruise lines price!) We help you save even more money on travel insurance and shore excursions. We never charge booking or cancellation fees of any kind! The cruise line penalties apply as usual though!

We’re always available by phone – so you can get excellent customer service from a cruise expert every day of the week! We aren’t just order-takers. We are experienced cruise travel agents!

In Italy? Call us at 0418520050
Unable to call toll-free numbers from overseas?
Call us at 256-485-6792 or use the Ring Me button.


This is how we save you money even after your cruise is booked and paid for:

Imagine if your travel agent called you and said, “I’ve been keeping an eye on the price of the cruise we booked you on. This morning the cruise line lowered the price of your cabin category by $200 per person, and I was able to re-fare it to that new lower rate. So, I just wanted to let you know that your balance due is now $400 less. Which means, you’ll be charged $400 less at the time of final payment. That’s all. Have a nice day.”

Or, “I checked on your cruise status today and there was a free-upgrade offer available, so I can get you moved up from deck 6 to deck 10 if you’d like? Or an ocean view cabin up to a balcony for free.”

We make phone calls like that on a regular basis, because – even after our clients book with us – we’re always on the lookout for ways they can get more and pay less.

Between the time you book your cruise and on your final payment date, if we notice that it becomes less than what you paid, we contact the cruise line and request that they re-fare your cruise to the new lower rate, upgrade you to a higher category, or provide an on-board credit for the difference.

If you notice before we do, call us! Cruise lines do NOT always honor the request but we always try! Please note, Disney will NOT refare or upgrade after final payment date.

Who qualifies for our military discount?

Our cruise discounts apply to all U.S and Canadian active retired and honorably discharged military personnel (veterans) – and their friends and family.

Seniors who are veterans may qualify for all senior and military discounts available.
Click here to see how to indicate senior and veteran status on our site.

While all spouses, dependents, family, and friends DO QUALIFY for the military discount from Military Cruise Deals, most cruise lines will often only allow the veteran and military discounts to be applied to the cabin which contains the member of the military.

Thus, getting the maximum military discounts and benefits applied correctly is sometimes not an easy and obvious endeavor.

We are experts on all the cruise line’s military and veteran discount policies: we know exactly when special rates and benefits pop up, who qualifies for them and how to get them applied.

Our agents are experts in military discount policies and procedures and will know exactly how to help you book a cruise and get the best deals for all military and veteran groups and families.