Cruise Discounts for Military Stationed Abroad

cruise discounts for military stationed abroad welcome home daddy

How we get the best cruise discounts for military stationed abroad…

We get the lowest rates available from the cruise lines, then add our own additional discount to that, so our rates are lower than the cruise lines’ lowest rates.
We’ve even negotiated cruise discounts for military stationed abroad directly with the cruise lines to create cruise discounts and cancellation policies that are designed specifically for you.
 We offer a military discount on travel insurance as well, which includes free travel insurance for kids.

We know how often military families stationed abroad can get their leave revoked or be redeployed, so our insurance covers that.

There are many different ways you can contact us,

including calling our Skype name mycruiseclub, live chat (see chat link bottom right of each page), Facebook messenger, , toll free number 866-964-5482, non-toll free 256-485-6792 and even this special phone number for military families in Italy 0418520050.

Cruise Discounts for Military Stationed Abroad By Destination

Cruise Deals By Destination:
We know being stationed abroad presents military families like yours with a unique opportunity to travel.
There are many cruise departure ports within a day’s drive of many military bases in Europe. If you’re unfamiliar with the cruise departure ports in your region, feel free to connect with one of our agents for some expert advice.
Since the cost of a cruise includes food, hotel, transportation, it is by far the most affordable and convenient way for a military family stationed abroad to travel, vacation, see the world.


Does your military family include kids?

Be sure to check our Cruising with Kids page to see what there is for kids to do on a cruise and which cruise lines offer the best discounts for kids.

Never cruised before?  Have lots of questions?

Then you’ll really enjoy reading our New to Cruising page, which gives you all the info you need to prepare yourself for an awesome cruise experience.

Have more than four people in your family?

Most cruise cabins only hold four.  There are very few cabins which hold five or more.  Go here to see what kind of cabins are on every single cruise ship, to help you see easily what your options are. We even have a video to show you how to book multiple cabins online here.
Venice Italy Military Cruise Deals cruise discounts for military stationed abroad
In Venice, Italy – a departure port for Eastern Mediterranean cruises – weather rolls in, changing the light and creating amazing color hues.

If you are currently deployed or living overseas:

  • We have cruise consultants available by phone from 6 AM until 8:30 PM eastern time. If you are in Puerto Rico or cannot dial a toll free number, you can call us at 256-485-6792 Outside of those hours, please  and we will get back to you asap. OR, click here and we can call you worldwide!
  • We can also be reached via skype at mycruiseclub or by using our live chat feature on this page. To call the U.S. dial 00-1-866-964-5482 or 00-1-256-485-6792
  • If you are unable to call or have us call you, please book your cruise online and email us with any questions or concerns.
  • Our site is SSL encrypted and secure and any online booking you make can be corrected or cancelled within 24 hours without penalties, so go for it!
  • We offer deeply discounted insurance to protect you from an unexpected revocation of leave or re-deployment.