Military Cruise Discounts for Seniors and Veterans

Happy seniors on cruise


Are there special cruise discounts just for military and veteran seniors? YES!

The cruise lines call them Senior Special promotions and they are good for cabins with a passenger who is 55 years or older.

Our online booking engine will automatically apply any applicable senior discounts to your booking if you have the box checked next to the word “senior” when you are using our site to get a cabin total for a specific cruise.

In order to get a cabin total on a cruise on our site, you’ll need to enter in:

  • the number of passengers in a cabin,

  • and indicate past passenger, military and senior status.

Our site will then automatically look for discounts for all those variables and apply them in accordance with the cruise lines rules and as necessary to get you the best possible rate from the cruise line.

Even if no senior rate is offered by the cruise line, you still qualify for our senior and military/veteran discounts.

How to use our site to indicate senior and veteran status

1.  Locate the ‘Find Cruise Deals’ box.  That’s easy – it’s on every page of this website!

Use the drop down menus in the blue search tool box to indicate any cruise preferences you have: destination, departure port, departure date, etc.

Home Page Search Widget
This blue box found on most pages of the Military Cruise Deals website is a powerful search tool.

2.  Once you hit the search button in that box, a list of cruise options will be revealed.



3.  Once you click on one of the orange SELECT buttons for the cruise you choose, the screen below will open.

An arrow is pointing to the place on that page where you will indicate your senior and military or veteran status.

Even though it only says ‘military’, veterans do qualify for all our discounts. *


Indicate Senior Status Here

Which cruise lines sometimes offer senior discounts?

Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian, Costa, Princess, and Holland all have senior discounts on select sailings.

* Disney is the only cruise line that will not give it’s military discount to veterans – only active and retired military personnel.

Book online, or contact us for assistance!

If any passenger is over 55 years old, be sure to let us know so that we may look for this discount on your sailing.