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Military and Veterans Groups will get the military discount from Military Cruise Deals on every cabin in their group.

And they will get all the group benefits offered by Royal Caribbean.

So the only way for your group to pay less and get more on a group cruise is to book it with Military Cruise Deals.

We are experts on the group policies and discounts of all cruise lines.  So we’ll make sure your group accesses all possible discounts and perks available to a group like yours.

We have no ‘rules’ of our own when it. comes to groups.  All we do is inform you of the cruise lines’ rules, and then help you get more and pay less!

CONTACT US to get started planning your awesome group cruise today! 

We trust Royal Caribbean to pay close attention to all the details necessary to make your group cruise a success.

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In addition to offering the best onboard experiences (from accommodations to dining to entertainment and activities), Royal also offers:

  • Many unique event spaces
  • Complimentary dedicated conference facilities fleetwide
  • The Latest in meeting and event technology
  • Voom – the fastest Internet at sea
  • Endless customization options to make your event unique
  • A dedicated team of event experts

For any group booked on a cruise departing May 2023 or thereafter, the following New Group Cruise Rewards Program applies: 

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Minimum Staterooms 8 8
Maximum Staterooms 50 16
Group Rewards Program Offer $50 OBC for named staterooms outside of 6 months prior to sailing $50 OBC for named staterooms outside of 6 months prior to sailing
Group Amenity Points 4 GAP points added when initial deposit is made No additional points

New Group Cruise Rewards Program FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

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  1. What are the parameters of the new Group Rewards Program?
    • The Group Rewards Program is an offer on new 2019/2020 deployment, inclusive of sailings departing through June 2023. 
    • A $50 per stateroom onboard credit will be applied when naming group space at least 6 months prior to sailing. Additionally, 4 GAP points will be applied to any group that applies an initial $50 per stateroom deposit. No deposit groups will also be eligible for the early booking onboard credit of $50 when names and full deposits are applied at least 6 months prior to sailing. Additional GAP points are not offered on these sailings, however, they are available for purchase.
  2. What are the minimum and maximum group sizes for both deposit and no-deposit groups?
    • Minimum group size for both deposit and no-deposit groups is 8 staterooms. Maximum stateroom size for deposit groups is 50 staterooms and 16 staterooms for No Deposit groups.
  3. When will the new Group Rewards Program debut?
    • Beginning June 1, 2023, the new Group Rewards Program can be booked on qualifying itineraries departing on or after June 1, 2023.
  4. To qualify as a Deposit group, when are funds due?
    • An initial $50 per stateroom deposit will be required within 30 days of the group creation. As names are added, a full deposit will be required.
  5. When will GAP points be applied once the initial deposit is made on a Deposit group?
    • GAP points will be added 24 – 48 hours after the initial deposit is applied.
  6. Are all itineraries eligible for the Group Rewards Program?
    • At this time, China, Singapore, and Australia departures are excluded from this program. All other itineraries are eligible.
  7. When will the onboard credit be applied to qualifying bookings?
    • Assuming qualifications are met, onboard credits will automatically appear once names and deposits are added to the group. Onboard credit amounts will be visible on booking invoices.
  8. Can the early booking onboard credit be combined with all price points, including discounted fares?
    • The $50 per stateroom onboard credit is only eligible for bookings confirmed under group fares. FIT to group transfers are only eligible for the GAP points associated with the group and will not qualify for the onboard credit. Onboard credits are not combinable with brand promotions or discounts, such as Seniors fares, Residents rates, Military discounts, and more.
  9. Can an agent hold more than one group on the same ship and sail date?
    • The Group Rewards Program does not allow multiple groups from the same agency on any one ship/sail date.
  10. How can the onboard credit be used to enhance a guest’s cruise experience?
    • Onboard credits can be leveraged in many ways. Guests can choose to put their onboard credits towards a relaxing massage or spa treatment, an adventurous shore excursion at their next port of call, or even an intimate evening dining in one of our signature specialty restaurants.

What amenities can your group earn on Royal Caribbean? 

To see a complete list click here.

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