Norwegian’s Sail Safe program

Norwegian has just announced all the new healthy/safety measures which will be used on all their cruise ships.  

There’s so much good stuff!  We are impressed.

There will be temperature checks every day, at every reboarding of the ships, and before meals.  This applies to the crew too.

The buffets will be full service – so no more sharing of serving utensils.

And the installation of new medical-grade HEPA air filtration systems which filter 99.95% of all particles of .1 micron or more, including Covid 19 virus!

And a non-toxic but powerful disinfectant sprayed often  in all public areas and in cabins after guests leave. 

See all details below.


Installation of medical air filters, HEPA H13, which remove 99.95% of pathogens from the air throughout our fleet to ensure that the air you breathe is pure.

  • Replacing Existing Filters With Medical HEPA H13 Filters HEPA H13 is one of the air filters with the highest degree of particle filtration, removing 99.95% of all particles 0.1 micron or more. 
  • For comparison, the COVID-19 virus is 0.125 microns (25% larger), a single blood cell is 10 microns (10,000% larger), and a single human hair is 75 microns (75,000% larger).


All guests will undergo a pre-boarding health examination, and those deemed at risk will undergo an additional examination. 

In addition, the entire crew will undergo a thorough examination before boarding and constant monitoring throughout the trip. 

Non-contact temperature controls and continuous monitoring of guests and crew throughout the trip will help identify potential health problems, offering an additional level of prevention and protection.

  • Temperature controls Non-contact temperature controls will be carried out:
    • Before boarding
    • Returning to the ship at a port of call
    • Before all meals in restaurants
    • Before all activities in public places
    • Before disembarking

Health Screenings for the Crew

Constant monitoring of the health status of the crew includes temperature checks several times a day, as well as rigid sanitation protocols.

We are improving our current pre-employment medical evaluation process, which already detects a wide variety of infectious diseases, to ensure the health and safety of our crew. 

We are studying the possibility of conducting on-board tests that allow crew members to undergo the latest and most advanced COVID-19 testing method at any time during their employment contract.


All ships are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to each voyage in accordance with company protocols, which are developed in collaboration with CDC’s Boat Sanitation Program. 

The shipping terminals will be disinfected continuously and, whenever possible, sprayed before and after each loading and unloading. 

In addition, all staterooms, suites and public areas will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected more frequently, and electrostatic spray technology will be used. The health measures being carried out include:

  • HOCl spray in cabins and public areas

Spray in cabins and public areas with hypochlorous acid-based disinfectant (HOCI). Hypochlorous acid is a powerful, non-toxic oxidant that effectively kills bacteria, spores, and viruses. It is natural and safe to use in open areas, since it is made up of natural elements such as water and salt, as well as electrical charges.

  • Increased Cleaning Frequency

Our 24-hour, 7-day-a-week prevention program will include continuous disinfection of public areas and high-traffic contact points. We will ensure that cleaning is carried out continuously in all elevators and in all public areas during peak and minimum activity hours.

  • Full Service Buffets: 

Buffets and beverage stands will be full service with staff available to serve guests.

  • Personal Hygiene

All guests will be strongly encouraged to wash their hands frequently, including when entering restaurants and bars, and hand sanitizers will be placed in easily accessible and visible places throughout the ship.


Onboard medical centers will be fully equipped with the latest test kits and medical supplies. We will also expand our medical team throughout the fleet. In addition, each boat has specific insulation accommodation if necessary.

  • Test kits and medical supplies include:
    • Advanced COVID-19 rapid detection tests in place
    • More oxygen equipment for medical use
    • Increased number of vaccines
    • Increased amount of medications to treat COVID-19
  • Better health and safety trainings and continuing education for crew members
  • We will begin to incorporate a new post of public health authority on board, which will be in charge of supervising all health and outbreak prevention initiatives. In addition, it will oversee the daily cleaning of all public areas and accommodations, in compliance with the CDC Boat Sanitation Program.


  • We partner with our local destinations and tour operators to ensure that our industry-leading health and sanitation protocols extend to the shoreline experience.
  • We will only visit safe and open ports of call, which may cause changes in your itinerary. Keeping our guests informed of the latest confirmed changes affecting their itineraries is a priority.


In order to have more space for responsible social distancing, the capacity of guests on board will be reduced. 

We will implement staggered boarding and online check-in to ensure adequate social distancing. 

Additionally, we are committed to reducing capacity in all public areas during travel.

  • Online check-in and staggered boarding
    We continue to work with port and government authorities to determine procedures that conform to CDC guidelines and global health agencies, in order to apply protocols that allow for adequate social distancing during the screening process. boarding, including staggered boarding and advance check-in procedures.
  • Social distancing on board:  All activities on board will continue to be available, although with a reduced capacity and, in some cases, slightly modified to ensure safe social distancing.