MSC New Ships: Meraviglia and Bellissima

The Meraviglia and Bellissima: Sister Ships Set Sail!

MSC Meraviglia and her sister the Bellissima

The MSC Meraviglia and Bellissima are MSCs newest ‘Meraviglia Class’ ships. They take their names from the Italian for ‘wonder’ (Meraviglia) and ‘very beautiful’ (Bellissima). Like the Meraviglia, the Bellissima will be decked out (pun intended) with a fantasmagorical array of cutting edge technology and modern opulence!

Please note: the kids free promo may not apply on Bellissima sailings!

MSC Meraviglia LED Dome can be programmed to look however they want!!!

We love MSC because they bring a wonderful Italian charm and hospitality to the cruise industry that definitely stands out in the crowd! There’s luxury and style in the tailor-made Cirque-du-Soleil at sea show which they artfully combine with family fun entertainment in the form of waterslides, F1 racing simulators, and a plethora of other options!

Cirque du Soleil at Sea!

Our favorite things about these new ships are:

  • The inside promenade with it’s 1,000 foot LED dome. The longest at sea!
  • A 3 slide waterpark on deck 19 that twists and turns like crazy for thrilling splashy rides.
  • Modular connecting stateroom design so larger families can link two and even three cabins for 5 to 9 guests.

Connecting family cabins cannot be booked online so if you need space for 5 or more simply contact us for assistance.

Super Family Plus 2
Super Family Plus Connecting Cabins with 2 Balconies and 1 Inside Stateroom.

Super Family Plus Balcony Cabin

Just for the fun of it we had our super mega awesome agent Francis call to quote one of these cabins and compare. Here’s how it panned out…

7 Days Baltic/Russia • MSC Cruises • MSC Meraviglia
Departing from Copenhagen • Sunday, June 09, 2019

For 5 adults and 4 kids

Option 1 – Book 3 separate cabins

Cabin 1: Category B2 • Fantastica Balcony • $3,028.20

Cabin 2: Category B2 • Fantastica Balcony • $3,028.20

Cabin 3: Category I2 • Fantastica Inside • $2,166.10

Total for all 3: $8,222.50

Option 2 – Book the Super Family Plus!
This comes with two balconies and one interior cabin, all connecting!!!

Category FPB • Super Family Plus Balcony • $8,742.10

Interestingly enough we had to check about 15 cruises to find a super family cabin that is still available. These are selling out super-mega-family-fast, so if you are interested in one of these fancy “cabin suites” your best bet is to start the search as early as you can! At least a year in advance is best…

MSC for Me

MSC has attempted to use smartphone technology to help cruisers customize their cruise experience and navigate their way around the ship. This app can also be useful to go paperless with your boarding passes as well. If everything works out you can use it and it can make your cruise an easier experience to organize.

However, initial versions of the app have had some technical issues. Many of the app’s reviews mention difficulty logging in. The booking reference number that you use to log in can be found during your web check-in, in your MSC cruise customer profile. It will not be the booking number on our invoice to you.

If you aren’t able to use the application because you don’t care about that stuff, or maybe you took a dip with your cell phone on accident, all is not lost! There are screens on-board that can serve the same purpose without the convenience of a smart-phone.

Sailing “Han Solo”

There are 12 interior cabins for solo cruisers.

General Entertainment

With 20 bars and half as many restaurants, dance clubs, a live TV studio, intricate and awesome water parks, and much more you can pretty much get lost on these ships and enjoy glorious fun everywhere you go. Just the Cirque du Soleil show alone is a reason to book…

To book the inaugural departure on the MSC Bellissima you can choose an 8, 9, or 10 day itinerary out of Southampton, England click here. There is still space available!!!

After her first voyage the Bellissima will cruise to the Western Mediterranean and North Africa and the Middle East. Click the links above or contact us for further assistance!

The Meraviglia has sailings in the Western Mediterranean, Northern Europe. If you would rather cruise from the good old US of A then check out these wicked itineraries departing from New York City and Miami!

More Pictures of these beautiful ships!
Bellissima Waterpark 1
MSC Bellissima Waterpark.
bamboo pool meraviglia msc
Bamboo Pool on the Meraviglia.
Atmosphere Pool
It looks like you can watch movies while in the Atmosphere Pool. So cool!
Waterslides Top
Check out the view from the top of these water-slides!
Cirque du Soleil at Sea
Enjoy the magic of a complimentary Cirque du Soleil show while at sea.
Meraviglia LED Dome
This dome is something else!
Meraviglia and Bellissima
Some day the Meraviglia and Bellissima will cruise side-by-side just like this.