Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans

* Our prices are discounted below the cruise lines’ lowest rates!

* So you will find the best Alaska cruise discounts for military and Veterans here!

Who qualifies for our Veteran and Military cruise discounts on cruises to Alaska?

Our cruise discounts apply to:

  • all active and retired U.S and Canadian military personnel;
  • honorably discharged Veterans with a DD214;
  • AND their friends and family traveling with them!

Do the cruise lines offer Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans?

Sometimes.  The cruise lines all have different rules on who qualifies for their military rate.

In general, the cruise lines will only allow the military discount to be applied to the cabin which contains the member of the military or to just the military member themselves.

Spouses/dependents do not qualify for Alaska cruise discounts for military and Veterans from the cruise lines unless their military partner is in the cabin, deceased, or deployed.

However – all spouses, dependents, family, and friends DO QUALIFY for the military discount from Military Cruise Deals!

Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Pool Deck Alaska Cruise
Hanging out on the pool deck in the hot tub on a cruise to Alaska is extra special, because the view is amazing!

Here’s an example of how our military discount and the cruise line’s combine to give military and veterans the best possible deal:

Princess offers an onboard credit for every military member as their military benefit.  But only for the military member themselves, not dependents.  

If you book with us, you’ll get that onboard credit, plus our military discount applied to your cabin and group, and travel insurance for less than the cruise line rate as well.

Not sure if you’re getting the best deal?

Contact Us with your ship and sail date or for assistance finding an itinerary that works for you.

How to Find Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans?

This page has all Alaska cruise options from all cruise lines listed by departure ports, cruise line, and length of the cruise.

The cruises in those lists are ordered from least expensive to most, so you will see your best Alaska cruise deals at a glance.

All cruises on those lists have a military and Veteran discount automatically applied. 

So you can book online to get the best deal or contact us if you’d like assistance.

Northbound from Vancouver to Seward, Whittier or Anchorage

Southbound, from Anchorage, Fairbanks, Whittier or Seward to Vancouver

Alaska Cruise Military and Veteran Discount

When’s the best time to cruise to Alaska, if you want the lowest price?

If you can cruise to Alaska during the ‘shoulder season’ which is May and September, you’ll find great deals on Alaska cruises then. 

See here for more details. 

What is there to do in each Alaskan Cruise Port?  We’ll tell ya!

Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans View From Mt Roberts
Here is the view From Mt Roberts in Juneau.


Most Alaska cruises go here!   There’s so much to do that is easy to get to. This is the capital of Alaska, sitting at the base of Mt. Roberts, and it is where cruisers can see Mendenhall Glacier. The cruise ships will be parked right at the base of Mt. Roberts, so it is walking distance to the Tram that will take you to the top- where you’ll have this great view and can have lunch!

You’ll definitely want to do that!  It’s just $33 per adult and $16 per kid.

You’ll also want to take the Glacier Express Blue bus (only $10 per person) to to the Mendenhall Glacier visitors center, from where you can take a short hike on a flat path to the glacier.

Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans
If you want to spend some major bucks, you can take a helicopter or plane to the top of the glacier, or even drive a dog sled team and have a MUSHING experience!


Your cruise ship will pull up right next to this adorable little town, so you can just walk off the boat, no tendering necessary.

Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Ketchigan Alaska
Ketchikan Alaska

This is a great place to go shopping, hiking, or see a fun Lumberjack show that’s only one block from your cruise ship.

Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Lumberjack Show Ketchigan

This is the perfect town to just walk around. Make sure you go to Dolly’s house – this little building used to where ladies of the night practiced the world’s oldest profession. It is still known as Alaska’s best little house of ill repute and remains standing just as it was when Dolly lived and worked there.


This is another tiny little town with a ton to do. Hiking, wildlife viewing, great dining, fishing – it’s all here. Get up close to eagles, owls and many more large Alaskan birds at the Raptor Center.

For a donation of any size, visit the Fortress of the Bear and get 10 feet from this playful bear! The bears love to just roll around, right in front of you.

Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Anchorage Wildlife Viewing


Most travelers arrive here by cruise ship and follow part of the original Gold Rush route by tourist train!  It is a totally walkable and historic town that has been largely restored to its roots, complete with false-fronted buildings and wooden sidewalks.

The best way to see Skagway is through a historical sightseeing tour.  We also recommend a visit to the Davidson Glacier, Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park, or the Lower Reid Falls.

Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Cruise To Glaciers In Alaska

Pictured above are photos taken from a tour of the Davidson Glacier. My parents did this and said it was AH-mazing … but my mom didn’t charge her camera and has the worst flip phone camera ever so she has zero compelling photos to share. It is expensive but they recommended splurging on this and said you really don’t go to Alaska on a budget.


This charming port is bustling with lush gardens and greenery.  It is lauded as one of the most walkable cities in Canada!

Historic Downtown And Butchart Gardens Victoria Bc Canada 1
Lovely Butchart Gardens located in downtown Victoria, Canada.

You can just about walk from your cruise terminal to the main downtown area.  You basically follow everyone else there and back, you can’t get lost.  And it’s extremely safe. Walking trails lead right from the city center to Dallas Road, what locals call the scenic drive, along the Pacific Ocean and around the southern coast of the city.

Vancouver Island is renowned as a world-class scuba-diving destination, where you can get in the water with seals and sea lions on a regular basis. But, for people who prefer to keep their feet dry, there are all kinds of boat excursions, from kayaking and glass-bottom-boat tours, to get you up close and personal with the amazing marine life.

This is something for everyone in Victoria!

Alaska Cruise Military and Veteran Discount Alaska Cruise Tour Dealsto Denali
Alaska Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Brooks Falls Katmai National Park
Brooks Falls Katmai National Park

Our military and veteran families voted: Here are their Top Ten MOST FUN things to do on an Alaska Cruise

Seniors to kids – everyone loves Alaska.  
From these pictures, you’ll see why.   
There’s so much fun stuff to do, and so much cool stuff to see. 
In 2018 our military and veteran Facebook audience of 200,000 plus members voted.
Here are the Top Ten most recommended Alaskan Shore Excursions.
We provide an extra military discount off the cruise lines’ lowest rates. So when you book with us you get any deal they’re offering, PLUS our discount. 
Booking with us only makes it better, and costs you nothing. 


1.  One of the most exciting things to do in Alaska is the White Pass Summit Excursion – on ‘the Scenic Railway of the World’.


The 40-mile round trip from Skagway will be one of the most scenic and breathtaking you’ll ever have in your life – I don’t care who you are.

You’ll wonder how in the heck they built this, especially since it was back in 1898! They were motivated to try and get to the gold up in ‘them thar hills’.

“Give me enough dynamite and I’ll build you a railroad to hell,” said the builder of this railroad.

Reservations are required for this!


2.  Mt. Roberts Tram in Juneau. 


This is a view of Juneau from the top of Mt. Roberts. You get up here via that tram on cables.

Or, if you’re a serious bad-ss like myself, you can spend 2-3 hours hiking to the top.

As a reward for those who do that – the tram ride DOWN is FREE!

There’s a perfectly delicious restaurant a-top, so plan on lunching up there while you enjoy the view.


3. Halibut Fishing

You can do this in almost any port.  It’s expensive, but you will catch fish, lots of it.  
And then they will pack it up and ship it home to you, so you’ll have a freezer full of halibut for months. 

Alaska Halibut Fishing Jpg
Fishing in Alaska is as good as fishing gets!


4.  Bus Tour through Denali
What’s a cruise tour?

It’s a cruise PLUS a few days spent traveling over land and staying in hotels like the one at Denali National Park. 

A lot of people prefer a cruise tour, as it usually includes a train ride.

And once you spend all that effort getting to Alaska, you might as well stay long enough to see most things, like Denali National Park.

Denali is 6 million acres!

So they’ll put you on a bus and drive you around it, and you’ll often have to wait for bears to cross the road

**TIP for BEST PRICE and REDUCED CROWDS**  go in the ‘shoulder season’, which is May or September.


5.  Helicopter Tour

A helicopter ride and landing on a glacier! I did this. It was my one big expensive shore excursion and it was thrilling.

The helicopters that do these tours are glass-bottomed, so it feels like the ground is falling out from under you when you ascend. Freaky! Your stomach will drop. The view will be unlike anything you’ve seen before.



This is the world’s largest ZipRider at Icy Strait Point, with six 5,330′ ziplines dropping 1330′.SaveSaveSaveSave

Scenic Mountain Ascent Worlds Largest ZipRider10 Jpg

You can book zipline tours through your cruise ship or find them all directly here,


7.  Hiking

You can do this in every port.   I love hiking, and the hiking in Alaska was THE BEST I’ve experienced in my 47 years. 

Mendenhall Glacier Guides Choice Adventure Hike Juneau Ak 1
Hiking in Alaska is FREE…you don’t have to pay for a shore excursion.  There are trails near every ship port. 

8.  Wilderness Express Dome Train

The Wilderness Express operates on the Alaska Railroad’s Denali Star route that offers daily summer service to Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali National Park and Fairbanks. 

Wilderness Express Anchorage To Seward Alaska
Wilderness Express – Anchorage to Seward – Alaska

9.  Wildlife Watching

Just driving around, you’ll see a bald eagle everywhere you look.   Swing a dead cat, and you’ll hit 2 of them.  
I just said that to see if any of you are actually reading these captions.

Bald eagles are everywhere in Alaska. You’ll see a few dozen during your Alaska cruise.

10.  Getting up close to the glaciers

All Alaska cruise ships will do this – you don’t need to ask for it or pay extra.  
There will be one day of your 7-day cruise in which you glide slowly up the fjord, with steep cliffs on each side.
And eventually, you’ll get right up close to a glacier and the ship will do a 360 turn on its axis, to give all passengers a panoramic view. 
It’s a quintessential Alaskan cruise moment – and you should be atop your ship somewhere so you can take it all in.