Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans

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Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Azamara spa suite
Spa Suite on Azamara Cruise Line

How to find Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans

Our site uses the world’s most advanced cruise search technology to display up-to-the-minute pricing and cabin availability of all cruises on all cruise lines – including all luxury lines.

For most cruise lines, our military discount is built right into our online pricing.  But with some luxury cruise lines, that is not the case.  You can use our site to get an idea of what cruises are available.

However, once you know what ship and sail date you prefer, Contact Us for assistance in making sure your maximum discounts and benefits are applied.

The way this works is simple: we get the lowest rate available from the cruise line for a cruise you choose, then add our additional discount, perks and benefits on top of that.

So you get everything the cruise line is offering, and everything we offer.

We charge no fees whatsoever.  So booking with us is the same as booking with the cruise line – except better – since your rate is lower and you’ll get excellent customer service 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us today for help finding the best luxury cruise discounts for military and Veterans.

Your luxury cruise fare may cover all the extras you’d normally pay for at the end of your cruise: gratuities, alcohol, spa treatments, airfare, internet usage, shore excursions, specialty dining options, or all of the above!

See the chart at the bottom of this page for a breakdown of what’s included by each cruise line.

Which cruise lines are considered “luxury?”

Oceania, Silversea, Seabourn, Crystal, Viking (ocean cruises), Sea Dream, Regent Seven Seas, and Azamara are the most popular options.

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Infinity Pool Viking Luxury Military Cruise Deals
Infinity Pool on Viking Ocean Cruise Ship

What makes a cruise line a luxury line?

A luxury cruise line has smaller more intimate ships, with larger staterooms, and a large number of staff members to attend to your needs. These ships are able to travel to more exclusive places, and the decadent food and drink available on board are of a more exclusive higher caliber as well. Alcohol and gratuities and many other extras are included in the price of many of these luxury lines.

Are there different grades of luxury?  Yes!  Very much so.

There are luxury cruise lines such as Regent, Seabourn, Silversea, Sea Dream, Crystal and Paul Gauguin and then there are the luxury “lite” cruise lines such as Oceania, Windstar, Hapag Lloyd, and Azamara.

Luxury cruise lines include more extras in the initial price for a complete all-inclusive experience.

Luxury “lite” lines also have gourmet dining and exquisite service, but they are less expensive since they are not quite as “all inclusive” as the Luxury lines.

Does a luxury cruise include more things than a regular cruise?

Luxury cruise lines include FAR more extras than a regular cruise. There are lectures, onboard cooking classes, cultural events, caviar and champagne toasts, tea times, snorkel equipment and water toys for use, zodiac outings, and dances under the stars.

Crystal Cruises has even recently purchased a private jet and submarine for further exploration. Luxury cruise lines also offer the finest onshore excursions money can buy.

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Cry
The dining room on Crystal Cruise line’s private plane!

Are the cruise cabins on luxury cruise ships really much better?

Oh yes. It’s like the difference between a $120 a night hotel, and a $300 a night hotel – the luxury cruise being the $300 a night hotel.  The furniture, fabrics, finishes, details artwork, bedding, pillows – everything is better quality on a luxury line.  The vast majority of the cabins are balcony cabins, and they are usually at least twice the size of the cabins on non-luxury lines.

Are the food and service better on a luxury cruise ship?

While all cruises are known for excellent service and tons of food, luxury cruise lines definitely step it up a notch.

Champagne will be brought to you as you are ushered into your suite.

Turndown service will include the option to select your pillow and have fresh flowers.

24-hour room service is complimentary and your mini bar will be restocked with your favorite beverages each evening.

Everyone on the ship knows your name and greets you with a smile, and with a high ratio of staff members to guests, your wishes will be attended to immediately.

You can expect gourmet, high-quality food in all locations without paying extra for “specialty dining”. On luxury cruises, all dining venues are included in your cruise fare and you can rotate through them dining when and where you wish.

Be ready to enjoy perfectly grilled steaks, small plate tasting menus, scrumptious lobster, Margherita pizza, or regionally inspired dishes. Oceania can even boast Jacques Pepin as their head chef!

On most luxury lines, most cabins have an assigned butler who’s available to the guests and can handle almost any request. A butler is different than just a room steward, who is basically just someone who cleans your room. A butler will make dinner reservations, run a bath for you, take out your luggage and shine it the night before your cruise ends, bring ice and your favorite drink at 5 p.m. without being asked, etc.

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans Luxury Cruise Filet Mignon
The food on luxury cruises is always outstanding.

What are the people like on a luxury cruise? Are they all older couples, or are there any younger couples or families?

Generally, its couples over the age of 40. Just because that’s who’s got the desire and ability to take a luxury cruise, of course.

Kids are usually rare. If you are embarking on a luxury cruise with kids consider Crystal cruises or Hapag Lloyd Cruises. These are the cruise lines with year-round dedicated kid’s areas and activities.

Is there anything for kids to do on a luxury cruise ship?

Most say flat out – no, don’t bring children. Crystal Cruises and Hapag Lloyd cruises, however, do have dedicated kids areas and activities. These two cruise lines do actively accommodate and encourage family cruisers.

We highly recommend the kids club on the MS Europa by Hapag Lloyd for families in search of a luxury experience.

Even those that don’t encourage kids will make accommodations for your little ones such as Star Clippers and Silver Sea. On my Silver Sea cruise, a couple of families were aboard, so there were a total of about 6 kids under the age of twelve.  They actually assigned a couple cruise members to these kids, and created activities to do with them in various out of the way places around the ship. It was charming to watch.

Do luxury cruises go to more exotic or better destinations or ports?

Absolutely.  Usually, luxury cruise ships are smaller than large ships, and go for longer itineraries, so they have the time and ability to get into smaller, far-away ports. There are Galapagos tours, Antarctica tours, and extended world tours to take advantage of.

Since luxury ships are smaller they also are able to dock right at the port rather than far away with a tender. Many of the luxury cruise lines also provide you with a complimentary shuttle to the town center if it isn’t easily accessible from the port.

When can you get the best deal on a luxury cruise?

Like any other cruise line, off-season is typically October, early November or early December (non-holiday weeks)

What’s the secret to getting an upgrade on a luxury cruise?

If you book a luxury cruise during these off-season times, often about a month before your cruise, you’ll start getting upgrade offers to higher categories.  For example, they’ll offer to upgrade your regular suite to something like a penthouse suite for a few hundred more per person.  It’s almost always worth it. We recommend you do it!  Because you’re worth it!

Are there any luxury experiences on the mainstream cruise lines?

Yes! MSC has the Yacht club, Norwegian cruise lines have the Haven, Royal Caribbean has the Suite Class, and Cunard cruise lines has the Grills experience. These cabins are all large spacious suites, with private pools, private concierges, and a private dining room. They are separated from the rest of the large ship for a more serene experience and are attended to by a butler just like the suites on the luxury lines.

Royal Caribbean even has “genies” that learn details about you before you board to personalize your experience and better attend to your needs.

What is included on a luxury cruise line?LuxuryLuxury 'Light'
Gratuities includedRegent, Seabourn, Silversea, Seadream, Crystal, Paul GauguinAzamara, Hapag Lloyd
Stocked Mini Bar with Water and Soft DrinksRegent,Seabourn, Silversea, Viking, Paul GauguinAzamara, Oceania, Hapag Lloyd, WIndstar
Beer and WineRegent, Seabourn, Silversea, Viking, Seadream, Paul GauguinAzamara
Open BarRegent, Seabourn, Paul Gauguin, SilverseaAzamara
Free snorkeling equipment and marina toys for useRegent,Seabourn, Silversea, Crystal, Seadream, Paul Gauguin,Hapag Lloyd, Windstar, Star Clippers
Onboard lectures and enrichment classesRegent, Seabourn, Silversea,Crystal, Viking, Paul GauguinAzamara, Oceania, Windstar, Hapag-Lloyd, Star Clippers
Use of the spaRegent, Seabournno
Gourmet meals at all locationsRegent, Seabourn, Crystal, Viking, Seadream, Paul GauguinWindstar, Oceania, Hapag Lloyd, Star Clippers
Shuttles to city centers of portsRegent, SilverseaAzamara, Oceania, Windstar
Smaller ships that do not require tenderingRegent, Seabourn, Silversea, CrystalWindstar, Star Clippers, Hapag Lloyd
Unlimited internetViking, Regent (2016)none
Near 1:1 staff to client ratioRegent, Seabourn, Silversea, Crystal, Paul GauguinAzamara, Windstar, Oceania, Star Clippers
24 hour room serviceRegent, Seabourn, Silversea, Viking, Paul Gauguin,Azamara, Oceania, Windstar, Hapag Lloyd
Kids activitiesRegent, CrystalHapag Lloyd, Star Clippers
Airport TransfersRegentnone
Shore ExcursionsRegent, Viking,none
AirfareRegent, Paul Gauguin (can decline for lower fare)Oceania (can decline it for lower fare)
Port ChargesRegent, Silversea, Crystal, Viking, SeabournHapag Lloyd, Oceania, Windstar, Star Clippers
TaxesRegent, Silversea, Crystal, Viking, SeabournHapag Lloyd, Oceania, Star Clippers

Cruise Pictures

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans viking

The beautiful Viking Sky

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans massage

Minty foot massage on Sea Dream

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans regent

Check out the beautiful Barcelona mosaic statues on a Regent sailing.

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veteransespirit

The Crystal Espirit is even luminescent at night!

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans mueller

Here is a scrumptious dessert from the Mueller restaurant on Hapag Lloyd.

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans dining

Here is the dining room on the MS Europa from Hapag Lloyd.

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans pool

The Viking Star has an infinity pool!

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans crystal

View Antarctica aboard a Crystal cruise.


Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans azamara

Go to a poolside party on Azamara.

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans iguazu

You can see Iguazu Falls on a Seabourn cruise.

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans viking

The Viking Star has a snow grotto for a Norwegian-style spa experience.

Luxury Cruise Discounts for Military and Veterans pool

Relax at the pool on the MS Europa II.


Travel Insurance Information

We provide a military discount on travel insurance as well!

Our rates are often 50% less than the travel insurance offered by the cruise line.

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Cruise Port Information

  • Where is the cruise terminal?
  • How much is parking?
  • How much are transfers?
  • Is there a hotel near the cruise terminal which offers free shuttle service?

We answer all those questions and more on our Cruise Port Info pages.

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