Royal Caribbean Cruise Military Discount

We offer a military and veteran discount on every Royal Caribbean cruise.

Stack the military discounts when you book your Royal cruise with us!

Sometimes Royal Caribbean has a military rate. You get their discount AND ours when you book with us.

We take the lowest rate available from Royal Caribbean and apply a percentage discount, so our rate is always less. 100% of the time. Guaranteed.

So you can see all your best deals at a glance!


This is a rendering of the newest Royal ship – Icon of the Seas. So much to do on these ships!

We offer our military discount on every Royal Caribbean ship and sail date.

So when you book with us at Military Cruise Deals, you’ll get a much better deal than if you book with Royal directly, or with any other online travel agency like Travelocity or VacationsToGo.

This month we’re also offering free specialty dining on many 7-day Royal cruises.

But best of all, we have special low group rates on many Royal cruises – and you don’t have to be a group to get these! We have group ‘space’ that we reserved at a lower rate.

Here’s what you’ll find here about Royal Caribbean and military discounts.

See links to lists of all Royal Caribbean cruises. Royal Caribbean’s kids’ program: how it compares with Carnival and Disney.

Today's Special Deals on Royal Caribbean Cruises:


Every guest enjoys 30% off cruises booked this month!

Kids Free

Only on select sailings - not summers or holidays!


Applies only to balconies or better on select 7+ day sailings. (Some months it's only for cruises to Alaska and Europe; some months it's just the Caribbean and Bermuda.)

Enjoy up to $550 off ! Applied automatically at checkout if your cruise qualifies.

Kids Sail Free 2022
Royal has THE BEST new ships in the world - with spectacular new things to do and enjoy.

The Oasis Class ships were already the best-of-the-best in the world of cruising.

Yet, somehow, Royal's made this one even better.

Everything is so...intricately and thoughtfully provide maximum interest, comfort, thrill, joy, relaxation, etc. I am so proud of Royal Caribbean. They elevate the world of cruising.

May we all be so lucky to someday enjoy a group cruise with friends, family, grandparents to grandchildren, on one of these magnificent ships.

The Wonder of the Seas sails the Caribbean starting this March, and then the Mediterranean this summer.

Go here to see all future Wonder of the Seas cruises - and book them quick!

Royal Caribbean cruise military and veteran discount Flow Rider Anthem
Royal Caribbean is a MASTER at creating fun and unique activities on their ships - such as the Flow Rider - which provide the perfect conditions for you to SURF AT SEA!


How much is our military discount on Royal Caribbean cruises?

Royal Caribbean used to offer a military discount for Active, Retired and Veteran U.S., Canadian, and British Forces Military on some of their cruises.

However, lately, they've replaced all military, senior and resident discounts with a discount for booking a non-refundable discount farecode.

The rules of that non-refundable farecode are:

*if you try to cancel your cruise before the time of final payment, you'll incur a $100 per person cancellation fee from the Royal Caribbean cruise military.

This nonrefundable farecode discount is usually $100 to $300 less than fully refundable farecodes.  So you'll feel highly incentivized to use it.

Since this non-refundable farecode is the lowest offered by Royal Caribbean, we take that farecode and add our military discount on top of that.

So, our military discount makes our price for any Royal Caribbean cruise lower than Royal's lowest rate.

It is around 5% less than the cheapest rate provided by Royal Caribbean cruise military.

We invite you to compare price for all Royal Caribbean cruises anywhere else, and you'll see that our military discount creates the very lowest price for you on any cruise cabin.

Since our military discount is based on the price of your cruise, the higher the price of your cruise, the greater your military discount will be.

Royal Caribbean cruise military and veteran discount Central Park Balconies Royal Caribbean
In the top center of this picture, you can see the white railings of the central park balconies. These balcony cabins face into a center part of the ship where lots of greenery is planted - so it's nice. But it ain't the ocean!
Royal Caribbean Anthem Of The Seas Royal Loft Gallery
This is the Royal Loft on the Royal Caribbean Anthem Of The Seas.

How we maximize your military discount on all Royal Caribbean cruises even after you've booked:

Between the time you book your cruise and your cruise sails, we can adjust your rate to the cruise line's new lower rate.

If we notice that it becomes less than what you paid, we contact the cruise line and request that they refare your cruise to the new lower rate, upgrade you to a higher category, or provide an onboard credit for the difference.

If you notice before we do, contact us.

Is Royal Caribbean a good cruise line for kids? How does it compare to Carnival and Disney?

Royal is an AMAZING cruise line for kids with programs that are easily as good as Carnival’s and Disney’s. One of the things that make Disney fun for kids are the big stuffed characters walking around, so the kids get to interact with lovable, live-sized versions of Minney, Mickey, and Goofey.

Royal’s DreamWorks experience offers this same joyful experience, but with the characters from Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. Nothing is better than hugging a life-sized penguin or hippo - I don’t care how old you are!

But most parents’ favorite feature of the Royal Caribbean kids’ program is the My Family Time Dining, in which expedited meals are served to kids (ages 3 to 11), and as soon as they’re done eating the kids are whisked away by the Royal Adventure Ocean kids’ staff, so parents can enjoy the rest of their dinner in adult silence and serenity. Wow! Love that.

There are age-appropriate play facilities and programs operated by a well-trained Youth Staff that will engage and entertain kids of all ages.

Rock Climbing Wall Anthem
Climb the Rock wall on the Anthem of the Seas!

Do we offer a military discount on group cruises on Royal Caribbean? YES!

Royal Group Adventure Ocean Cruise Fun

Military and Veterans Groups will get the military discount from Military Cruise Deals on every cabin in their group.

And they will get all the group benefits offered by Royal Caribbean cruise military.

So the only way for your group to pay less and get more on a group cruise is to book it with Military Cruise Deals.

We are experts on the group policies and discounts of all cruise lines.  So we'll make sure your group accesses all possible discounts and perks available to a group like yours.

We have no 'rules' of our own when it. comes to groups.  All we do is inform you of the cruise lines' rules, and then help you get more and pay less!

CONTACT US to get started planning your awesome group cruise today! 

We trust Royal Caribbean to pay close attention to all the details necessary to make your group cruise a success.

Group travel Lion Royal

In addition to offering the best onboard experiences (from accommodations to dining to entertainment and activities), Royal also offers:

  • Many unique event spaces
  • Complimentary dedicated conference facilities fleetwide
  • The Latest in meeting and event technology
  • Voom - the fastest Internet at sea
  • Endless customization options to make your event unique
  • A dedicated team of event experts

For any group booked on a cruise departing in 2021 or thereafter, the following New Group Cruise Rewards Program applies: 

Program DetailsDeposit GroupsNo Deposit GroupsChanges to Existing Process
Minimum number of rooms88No Change
Maximum number of rooms5016No Change
New! Group Rewards Program Offer$50 on-board credit for staterooms booked outside of 6 months prior to sailing$50 on-board credit for staterooms booked outside of 6 months prior to sailingApplies to all new 2021-2023 departures
Group Amenity Points (GAP)4 GAP added when initial deposit is madeNo additional points availableDeposit Groups have consistent GAP points for all ships and sail dates

  1. What are the parameters of the new Group Rewards Program?
    • The Group Rewards Program is an offer on 2021-2023 deployments. Travel Partners can take advantage of our best available rates when blocking groups at initial deployment.
    • A $50 per stateroom onboard credit will be applied when naming group space at least 6 months prior to sailing. Additionally, 4 GAP points will be applied to any group that applies an initial $50 per stateroom deposit. No deposit groups will also be eligible for the early booking onboard credit of $50 when names and full deposit are applied at least 6 months prior to sailing. Additional GAP points are not offered on these sailings, however, they are available for purchase.
  2. What are the minimum and maximum group sizes for both deposit and no deposit groups?
    • The minimum group size for both deposit and no deposit groups is 8 staterooms. The maximum stateroom size for deposit groups is 50 staterooms and 16 staterooms for No Deposit groups.
  3. When will the new Group Rewards Program debut?
    • Beginning November 14th, 2017, the new Group Rewards Program can be booked on qualifying itineraries departing on or after May 2nd, 2019.
  4. To qualify as a Deposit group, when are funds due?
    • An initial $50 per stateroom deposit will be required within 30 days from the group creation. As names are added, the full deposit will be required.
  5. When will GAP points be applied once the initial deposit is made on a Deposit group?
    • GAP points will be added 24 – 48 hours after the initial deposit is applied.
  6. Are all itineraries eligible for the Group Rewards Program?
    • At this time, China, Singapore, and Australia departures are excluded from this program. All other itineraries are eligible.
  7. When will the onboard credit be applied to qualifying bookings?
    • Assuming qualifications are met, onboard credits will automatically appear once names and deposits are added to the group. Onboard credit amounts will be visible on booking invoices.
  8. Can the early booking onboard credit be combined with all price points, including discounted fares?
    • The $50 per stateroom onboard credit is only eligible for bookings confirmed under group fares. FIT to group transfers are only eligible for the GAP points associated with the group and will not qualify for the onboard credit. Onboard credits are not combinable with brand promotions or discounts, such as Seniors fares, Residents rates, Military discounts, and more.
  9. Can an agent hold more than one group on the same ship and sail date?
    • The Group Rewards Program does not allow multiple groups from the same agency on any one ship/sail date.
  10. How can the onboard credit be used to enhance a guest’s cruise experience?
    • Onboard credits can be leveraged in many ways. Guests can choose to put their onboard credits towards a relaxing massage or spa treatment, an adventurous shore excursion at their next port of call, or even an intimate evening dining in one of our signature specialty restaurants.