Holland America Military Discount

Looking for the best military and veteran deals on Holland America Line cruises? 

Then you’ve come to the right place!  We help you STACK THE DISCOUNTS!

We provide the absolute lowest possible rate for military and veteran families on every single cruise.

You can book a Holland America cruise on our site with complete confidence that you’re getting the best price because:

* we guarantee that our rates are discounted below Holland’s lowest rate;

* and we will re-fare your cruise rate to the new lower rate if the cruise line offers one before the time of your final payment!

  • Best of all – we are here 7 days a week to provide personal, expert customer service. 🙂

We love to cruise on Holland America Cruise Line, and we love to provide discounts for military and veterans on Holland too.

We provide a discount for military members and veterans in every single Holland America Line cruise.

Deck On Holland Koningsdam
On the deck of one of Holland America Line’s newest ships – the Koningsdam.

When you book with us, you get whatever Holland is offering, AND, our discounts and benefits on top of that.

Holland is currently offering Have It All Perks and an Early Booking Bonus on select cruises booked at least a year out.



Holland America is now allowing guests to have the amenities you want most, included at 50% off!

  • Signature Beverage Package
  • Speciality Dining Package
  • Wi-Fi
  • Shore excursions

These 4 amenities will all be included if you choose the HAVE IT ALL offer.

If you were going to use these amenities already, this provides you with significant savings.

Contact us to make sure you are booked under the HAVE IT ALL promotion.


Today’s Special Deals on Holland America Cruise Line include:

  • We often have special group rates that are LOWER than even the lowest military-discounted rate we show online. So, really, you should always call or email us to see get our best rate on a Holland America cruise.
  • Holland America’s lowest rates come with 50% reduced deposit, but they are also nonrefundable! Nor do they include any of the perks below, which only come with the higher-priced farecodes.
  • Like all other cruise lines, Holland America has different prices for the same cruise: the lowest price with a non-refundable deposit, and the higher price that has perks included and a refundable deposit.
  • Our agents can see all Holland America’s prices and help you shop and compare. Contact us today for expert help – 866 964 5482 or [email protected].

Holland America Groups Cruises

Considering a group cruise on Holland America?

Click here to learn about all the group benefits and rules!

Military and Veteran deals on every Holland America Cruise 

Our search engine is configured to find Holland America’s best cruise rates, AND add any ADDITIONAL military and veteran offers from us to ALL Holland America cruise bookings that are made on our Web site.

All links below contain lists of all Holland America cruises fitting those parameters, ordered from least expensive to most. So you can see all your best deals at a glance.

Don’t see what you want here?  Contact us and we’ll help find it for you!

Cabana Club Nieuw Amsterdam Holland America Cruise Line
The view from the Holland America Cabana Club aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam.

Why do so many military and veteran folks prefer Holland America Cruises?

Holland America has been in the cruising business for 142 years!  So these folks are experts at cruising and hospitality at sea.

The Holland America fleet includes 14 ships, which sail to more than 100 countries and all seven continents. Holland America does everything from 3-day cruises to 110-day grand world voyages.

If we had to choose two words to describe Holland America, we’d have to say, “dignified and understated.” The third word would be affordable. Holland America offers better value than almost any other cruise line.

All of their ships are considered to be “spacious mid-sized”, which means, big enough to have all the bells and whistles of luxury and entertainment, but there will be fewer people, shorter lines, and it won’t take you a half hour to walk from one end of the ship to the other if you forget something in your stateroom.

If you’d like this to be the year you take a 111-day voyage around the world from Fort Lauderdale, you can in this 1200-square foot luxury penthouse cabin on the Holland America ship, ms Amsterdam, for a mere $85,000 per person. But hey – your military discount from us would be about $5000, if that helps!

Half Moon Cay Hollands Caribbean Port
Sunbathing in Half Moon Cay, Holland’s Caribbean Port.

Don’t worry military and veteran parents:  there are great kids clubs on all Holland America cruise ships!

Holland America has a high-tech kids club similar to Celebrity Cruise Lines. It is a real hit with 21st-century children. In fact, it’s so futuristic that you can do a 360-degree tour of it on Holland America’s website!

For all children between the ages of 3 and 17, their entertainment staff is available at the Club HAL and Teen Lounges every day from 9:00 am to 11:30 am, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

On port days the entertainment centers are available from 8 am- 4 pm and from 7 pm-10 pm.

Children’s entertainment is free and is organized into three distinct categories:

Teen:13-17 years old, Shockwave: 8-12 years old, and kids: 3-7 years old.

Note: Group babysitting is available for $5 per child per hour from 10:00 pm- 12:00 am for passengers ages 3-12 in Club HAL.  Babysitting services are not offered while the ship is in port. The Teen Lounge will be open for free during this time as well.

Holland Koningsdam Spa Balcony
Holland America Spa Balcony Stateroom
Atriu Westerdam Holland America Cruise Line
Holland America ships have reproductions of Rijksmuseum originals and art supplies ready for you to recreate or reinterpret them.
Dining Room On Koningsdam Holland America Cruise Line
Beautiful, elegant dining room on Holland America’s newest ship, the Koningsdam.
Dining On Holland America Cruise Line
Holland America has cooking classes and demonstrations in partnership with America’s Test Kitchen!

Ms Koningsdam has cabins that hold 5!

Neptune Suite On Koningsdam
FA, FB Family 222 square foot Ocean View Stateroom – Sleeps up to 5.

Ms Koningsdam has solo cabins!

Spa Balcony Pinnacle Suite Holland Koningsdam
Spa Balcony Pinnacle Suite on the Holland Koningsdam

Besides our discounts for military and veterans, why should you book your Holland America cruise with us?

We’ve been serving military families since 2001.  We’ve booked thousands of military and veteran families.  They trust us and you can too.

We’ve been on Holland America cruises and almost every other cruise line, so we have lots of advice about Holland America cruise line and every other aspect of cruising.

To read more about us, or see some of our recent great reviews, click on those links!

Never cruised before?  Want to know what’s included in the cost of a cruise and what’s not?

Click here to read all about that if you are New to Cruising!

Holland America Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans

Holland America Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans booked with Military Cruise Deals will get you the best possible rate and most possible perks on ALL cabins booked in your group.

This is one of the reasons why Holland America Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans in combination with the service and discounts from Military Cruise Deals are so affordable together, and such a great option for military and Veteran families.

Why should you look for Holland America Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans with us at Military Cruise Deals?

*We’ve been in business since 2001.

* We’ve received hundreds of 5-star reviews from military members who’ve booked cruises with us.

* We are well-known and respected by all the cruise lines.

* We are a no-fee agency – meaning, we never charge any changes or cancellation fees like most travel agencies.

* We are cruise experts. We’ve been doing this a looooooong time, and we know everything about cruises.

* We are a family business and owner-operated.

* We are available by phone and email 7 days a week! We respond to all queries almost instantly!

Have questions about Holland America Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans?

We have all the answers! Keep reading!

Holland group cruise deals for military and veterans

What is the minimum number of cabins and people required for on a Holland America group cruise?

A group is comprised of 8 cabins with at least 16 passengers.

What is the deposit schedule for military and veterans groups on Holland America? When is money due and how much?

The deposit amounts for groups are the same as they are for standard Holland America bookings. The final payment is then due based on the normal Holland America schedule. Groups must be created at least 91 days prior to the departure date.

Click here to contact us or fill out the Group Cruise Form at the bottom and get started planning your group cruise TODAY!

Holland Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans

What are the benefits offered along with Holland America group cruise deals for military and Veterans?

A. Amenity Points

B. Tour Conductor credit(s)

C. Our military discount

A. All About Amenity Points for Groups on Holland America:

When you book a group of Holland America cruises, the first thing that you will get is “amenity points” that can be used to pick a group perk! Your group will have a set number of these “amenity points” to work with.

Using the points, you can get onboard credit, OR dinner at the Pinnacle Grill, OR a special cocktail party, OR extra Internet minutes, etc. The number of points that you will get will vary depending on your cruise length. 7-day cruises usually get 4 points.

These fun amenity points can be used to get onboard credit for each cabin in the group or various other gifts. NOTE: Whatever you select then applies to all cabins in the group.

Here are many of the gifts that you will have to choose from:

  • Pinnacle Grill Dinner per guest
  • Pinnacle Grill Lunch per guest
  • Canaletto Dinner per guest
  • Tamarind Dinner per guest (Eurodam, Koningsdam & Nieuw Amsterdam only)
  • Rudi’s Sel de Mer Pop-up per guest (all ships except Koningsdam) NEW!
  • Blend Wine-Making Experience (Koningsdam only) NEW!
  • Lobster Shack (Lobster Roll) — Half Moon Cay NEW!
  • Cocktail Party — one hour standard with hot hors d’oeuvres per guests❖ (cocktail parties limited to one per group)
  • Fiesta Party — one hour with margaritas, mojitos, Corona and fiesta food per guests❖ Mixology Class ❖ NEW!
  • Wine Cellar No. 1 Package — one bottle per stateroom
  • Wine Cellar No. 1 Package — two bottles per stateroom
  • Wine Cellar No. 1 Package — four bottles per stateroom NEW!
  • Winemaker Package with HAL Wines (with commemorative bottles of wine)❖
  • Winemaker Package with Group’s Own Wine (with commemorative bottles of wine)❖
  • Winemaker Package with HAL Wines (with Chocolate-dipped Strawberries)❖
  • Winemaker Package with Group’s Own Wine (with Chocolate-dipped Strawberries)❖
  • Vitamin Water — three-pack per stateroom
  • Bottled Water — 12-pack per guest NEW!
  • $50-value Fountain Soda Card per guest
  • $25-value Beverage Card per guest
  • $50-value Beverage Card per guest
  • Plate of Chocolate-dipped Strawberries — one per stateroom
  • Sparkling Wine & Strawberries — one bottle of Bon Voyage Sparkling Wine and a plate of Chocolate-dipped Strawberries — one per stateroom
  • Selection of Deluxe Canapés — one per stateroom
  • Bon Voyage Sparkling Wine — one bottle per stateroom

Whatever you do, don’t show this list to every member of your group, and ask them which they would prefer!!

Because everyone in the group has to have the same amenity point benefit – they won’t all get their preference if they prefer different things. A leader of the group has to choose for everyone! Please…take our advice on this.

….There is one additional option! In lieu of these points, your group could choose a ‘special package’!

Here is a list of all of the group special packages: Family Reunion Package, Wine and Cooking Demo Package, Winemaker’s Package, Wedding Package, Vegas at Sea Package, Destination Discovery Package, or the Wellness and Fitness Package. You can read more about each of these packages below.

B. The Tour Conductor Credit(s) applied to Holland America Group Cruises

Plus, each group will get one tour conductor credit per 8 cabins.

This Tour Conductor credit can be used to give 1 passenger a FREE cruise fare!

The military and veterans groups will receive one tour conductor credit per 16 people. The tour conductor credit is a credit that can be used as a FREE cruise rate for one passenger.

(Note the passenger will still have to pay taxes and port charges.)

The tour conductor credit amount is the average per person cruise rate for the group based on all of the double occupancy cabins. This means that it would be wise not to apply it to the most expensive cabin in your group- as it won’t cover a person’s full cruise rate in that case.

Click here to contact us or fill out the Group Cruise Form at the bottom and get started planning your group cruise TODAY!

C. Our military discount

In addition to all the group benefits provided by Holland America, any groups booked with Military Cruise Deals will receive an additional discount off the cruise fare. Thus, everyone in your group will PAY LESS than if they had booked directly with Holland America.

Holland group cruise deals for military and veterans

Family Reunion Package:

Free upgrades for the whole family! The head of the family will receive a FREE “best available” upgrade. PLUS the rest of the family members will receive a “best available” upgrade within their type of stateroom (for example, oceanview to a better oceanview stateroom).

PLUS, all guests will enjoy a lunch in the Pinnacle Grill, a $50-value fountain soda card per stateroom and a $50-value beverage card per stateroom!

Private Wine and Cooking Demonstration Package:

Holland American cuisine is five-star rated and our elegant dining venues are the perfect setting for every meal. Gastronomic activities for groups abound!

Guests can enjoy cooking demonstrations in The Culinary Arts Center presented by Food & Wine magazine. There will be presentations and hands-on classes on topics relating to cooking and plating.

With this package, guests enjoy a private premium wine tasting with the ship’s cellar master, two one-hour demonstration sessions in the Culinary Arts Center with the group-provided chef, and a bottle of sparkling wine in each stateroom.

Holland Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans

Winemaker’s Package:

Wine groups can choose from two options:

a. Groups can bring their own wine onboard — the perfect solution for wineries who wish to serve their own wines with dinner. (Corkage fee applies.)

b. Groups can focus on the fine wines that Holland America Line serves onboard, enjoying wine tastings with our knowledgeable cellar masters and sommeliers.

All groups receive two one-hour wine tastings in either the main Dining Room or Pinnacle Grill, a Winemaker’s Lunch in the Pinnacle Grill including a pairing of three wines, and a plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries or the Holland America Line commemorative bottle of wine in their stateroom.

Wedding Package:

Take all the stress out of planning a wedding and let Holland America Line handle it! The onboard wedding coordinators manage all of the details — from ensuring the cake is decorated to perfection to making sure champagne is available.

Guests can customize their wedding package by adding extra services such as photography, videography, live music, receptions, and spa appointments.

Ceremonies are performed on the day of sailing prior to departure or in select ports of call.

This package includes a complimentary “best available” upgrade for the bride and groom and a wedding cake for up to 16 guests. All guests get to enjoy a Pinnacle Grill lunch and a private wine tasting plus chocolate-dipped strawberries and a bottle of sparkling wine in their staterooms.

Vegas at Sea Package:

Whether you’re an experienced gambler or rolling the dice for the first time, onboard casinos offer gaming for all levels and complimentary lessons.

Give it a try! Your group can enjoy a Las Vegas package that includes a $25 casino credit per stateroom, $25 beverage card per stateroom, and a Pinnacle Grill lunch for all guests.

Holland Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans

Destination Discovery Package:

Your group can explore exciting ports of call with a $50 per stateroom discount on shore excursions.

Plus you will get to reminisce afterward at a complimentary cocktail party, and Holland America will throw in a group keepsake to remember it all by!

Wellness and Fitness Package:

Increase your physical fitness, rejuvenate your spirit, relax your body and improve your lifestyle with this special package.

Guests receive a Hydrotherapy Pool Soak, three-pack of Vitamin Water, and private low-impact aerobics, yoga or pilates instruction that is scheduled onboard.

Holland Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans

Why go for Holland America group cruise Deals for military and Veterans, you ask? So many reasons!

*You will love the lectures based on the partnership with BBC Earth, cooking demonstrations from America’s Test Kitchen, and many other programming options on Holland America’s classically dignified ships.

*One fan of Holland America’s programming is Oprah Winfrey. She loves Holland America so much, that she has been chosen as the Godmother of the Nieuw Statendam. Maybe she’ll be on your group’s trip too!

*Holland America’s explorations experts have all of the answers to your shore excursion questions, cultural lectures, and destination-related performances to give you true immersion.

Click here to contact us or fill out the Group Cruise Form at the bottom and get started planning your group cruise TODAY!

Holland group cruise deals for military and veterans

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