Military and Veteran Discounts on Princess Cruises

military and Veteran discounts on Princess Cruises
Most Princess cruises to the Caribbean depart from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

If you’re looking for military and Veteran discounts on Princess Cruises, then you’ve come to the right place!

We offer military and Veteran discounts on all Princess cruises.

Our discount will be applied to every single cabin of a group that contains at least one member of the military, Veteran, or their spouse.

So bring all your friends and family on a cruise with you!

Today’s Special Deals on Princess Cruise Line include:

  • Up to $250 onboard credit on any fare code for military and veterans!

  • Up to $600 to spend on board / FREE room upgrade / fares from $99 for your extra guests (FOR HIGHER-PRICED Farcode…)
  • Princess’ lowest rates are non-refundable and do not include any free perks!
  • Princess also offers past passenger discounts – ask us for your lower past-passenger rate and our discount.

Military and Veteran Group Cruise on Princess!

Considering a group cruise on Princess?

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How you get our military and Veteran discounts on all Princess Cruises?

Our website uses the most advanced cruise search technology available today.

Every time you use our website to search for a Princess cruise and cruise pricing, it accesses the Princess cruise system to find their lowest rate.

Then, our system automatically adds an additional military and Veteran discount from us.  So the rates you see on our site will be lower than Princess’s lowest rates.

Sometimes Princess advertises lots of free amenities, but only if you book using a higher-priced farecode than their lowest price available.  Sound confusing?  It sure can be!

All of the cruise lines are doing this lately, where they seem to offer good stuff for free, but not at the lowest price they advertise.

But hey, that’s what we’re here for!  We’re total experts on all Princess pricing and discounts, what’s applicable and what’s not.  We can explain everything to you by phone, email or chat, and make sure you get the best deal, lowest rate and all discounts applied.

How much are the Military and Veteran discounts on Princess Cruises?

Instead of a military and Veteran discount off their prices, Princess offers an onboard credit for every military member or veteran in the cabin.

This special military benefit is eligible on any cruise, any time of the year and can be used to purchase a wide variety of amenities and experiences on your Princess cruise ship.  Scroll down to read more about the amounts of this on board credit.

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Princess’s Military Benefits: Free Onboard Spending Money*

Cruise LengthAmount
14 days or longer$250 per military member
7 – 13 days$100 per military member
6 days or less$50 per military member

This offer is good for only the first or second berth occupied by the military person.

Once approved, the onboard spending money will be automatically applied to any cruise you book with Princess and is combinable with other deals.

Is Princess right for you?

Princess is an elegant cruise line, yet it is still surprisingly affordable. There are 17 ships in the Princess fleet; most of their ships are less than 10 years old and hold between 600 and 3000 passengers. Princess has been around for 40 years and their experience shows – from every angle, they do cruising right.

Princess usually offers discounts for past-passengers. Thus, after your first Princess cruise, you’re highly incentivized to take another! And since Princess has more ships circumnavigating more places around the globe than any other vacation provider – there’s no reason to travel anyway else!

Princess stands out in the cruise industry for offering a wider variety of cruise itineraries (over 100) and ports of call (more than 300) than any other cruise line.

Look at all the places Princess sails:

      • Canada/New England from Brooklyn
      • 6 ships in Alaska and 22 different cruise tour options in 2016
      • 5 ships in Europe with 2 in Northern and 1 for British Isles
      • Take a breath, as there are hundreds more destinations to list, including: Beijing, South Korea, Japan, Papeete, Polynesia, Bora Bora, Australia and New Zealand and on and on it goes!

Another of our favorite things about Princess is that they take food seriously. Every sauce is made from scratch and chefs use local ingredients to create dishes inspired by the region you’re visiting. This is different from most cruise lines who primarily use American food distributors.

Although Princess gives the first impression of being an adult-oriented luxury cruise line, they actually have an extensive program for kids with separate facilities and activities for three age groups: 3-7, 8-12, and 13-17. The result – kids of all ages will enjoy a Princess cruise as much as their parents! (On Princess’s smaller ships, The Pacific, Tahitian and Royal Princess, children’s programs operate only when 20 or more children are on board.)

More About Princess’s Cruise Ships….

Princess’s newest ship is called the Sky Princess, her maiden voyage will be in 2019 and she will sail the east and western mediterranean as well as the occasional transatlantic cruise!

This amazingly luxurious vessel includes the best of the incredible features found on sister ships Regal Princess, Royal Princess, and Majestic Princess from the relaxing Sanctuary to the expansive three-deck Atrium to some of their newest dining venues with updated décor and design throughout the ship.

For a list of upcoming sailings on the Sky Princess click here.

The Coral and Island Princess were specially built to sail through the Panama Canal, with over 700 balconies or ocean views available, enabling you to personally witness every inch of the the engineering marvel of the Canal from the comfort of your own cabin. The Coral and Princess are ideal for cruises to destinations like the Panama Canal or Alaska – where one of the best parts of the cruise is the amazing view!
All cruise sailings on the Coral Princess
All sailings on the Island Princess

The Small Ships of Princess – the Pacific Princess and Ocean Princess, give you the same Princess luxury and experience, but you’ll be sharing it with only 25% of the number of other cruisers usually held on a Princess ship.

These two smaller ships carry an average of 680, mostly adult passengers to the most exotic destinations of Asia, India, Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Search all Pacific Princess cruises

In case you’re interested in this sort of thing, Princess’ ship, the Ruby Princess, was christened in 2008 by The Bachelorette couple, Trista and Ryan Sutter.

Here’s why military folks like you should book your cruise with Military Cruise Deals:

      • You’ll pay the lowest possible rate – lower than if you’d booked with the cruise line directly, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, or VacationsToGo.
      • We save you even more money on travel insurance and shore excursions!
      • We apply our military discount to all cabins that contain any friends and family of military personnel – so your whole group gets our discount!
      • If the price of your cruise COMES DOWN, we’ll get you the lower rate or the difference in the form of onboard credits or upgrades.
      • We charge no booking or cancellation fees on any kind!
      • We’re always available by phone – so you can get excellent customer service from a cruise expert every day of the week!

How to Book a Princess Cruise at the discounted military rates:

Use our website since all our discounts are built right in! If you have sailed on Princess before, call us to see if any special past guest deals may apply. 866-964-5482

Who’s qualifies for Princess’s military discount?

Applications to receive Princess’s military benefit must be made no later than 14 days to cruise departure date. Requests will be handled within 7 days. Once your request has been processed, an updated Booking Confirmation will be forwarded to you or your travel agent.

Onboard spending money can be applied before or after you have booked your cruise. Offer is valid for eligible military personnel in the U.S. and Canada only. Maximum of two onboard credit offers per stateroom. This offer cannot be used for casino credits/charges and gratuities, discretionary hotel and dining charges. Onboard spending money is applied to the folio of the veteran or active duty personnel’s stateroom. Offer excludes Travel Agent and Interline fares. Offer is combinable with other Onboard Credit offers. Other restrictions may apply.

Eligibility includes active military, retired military and disabled military Veterans with proper verification as outlined below.

Please ensure that documentation provided has the Social Security Number crossed out.

        • Active personnel currently serving in the following service divisions:
          1. United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves with a copy of a military verification certificate confirming active duty status
          2. Canadian National Defense — NDI 20 — Canadian Forces Identification Card.
        • Retired Personnel defined as A) enlisted personnel or officers with a minimum of 20 years of service, B) medically retired, or C) 100% disabled. Proper identification for United States is a BLUE or TAN Uniformed Identification Card. For Canadians, NDI 75 – Record of Service Identification Card or CF 75 or certificate of discharge; is used.
      • Veterans with an Honorable Discharge serving a minimum of 2 years or 6 months in an active war zone in any of the United States service divisions listed above or in the Canadian National Defense. Proper identification in the form of a DD 214, plus a current photo ID is required. For Canadians, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Health Identification Card is used.

Princess for Kids!

Princess prides itself on its fun-filled partnerships. The cruise line has created activities in conjunction with the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The Voice, and the famous composer of Wicked, Stephen Schwartz.

This has lead to a fantastic production called Magic to Do, singing competitions, special guests, and fun animal-focused shore excursions and activities for kids.

For all children between the ages of 3 and 17, Princess Cruises entertainment staff is available for Youth Centers* and Teen Lounges every day from 9:00 am to midday, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

On port days the centers are available from 8 am- 5 pm and from 6 pm-10 pm.

These centers will be a part of Camp Discovery and will feature Mythbusters activities, Survive Alaska, a scavenger hunt with Shark Attack, and a squid anatomy lesson with Just Squiddin’ Around. There will also be Jr. Rangers and a chance to be an engineer for a day with programs from the California Science Center.

Children’s entertainment is free and is organized into three distinct categories:

The Beach House: 13-17 years old,

The Lodge: 8-12 years old,

and the Treehouse: 3-7 years old.

Babysitting is available for $5 per child per hour from 10:00pm-1:00 am for passengers ages 3-12 in the Youth Center. The Teen Lounge will be open for free during this time as well.

*The Pacific and Ocean Princess do not have dedicated youth centers.