Summertime Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans

STORMSURGE - look at the amazing waterslides on Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ships.

Last-minute summertime cruise deals
Looking for summertime cruise deals with the biggest possible discount for Military and Veterans?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The links below show lists of all cruises departing from June 1 to August 31, 2024.

Cruises are listed from least to most expensive, so you’ll be able to see the best deals at a glance!

2024 Summertime Cruise Deals to the Caribbean

Cruising from3-5 Day Cruises6 + Day Cruises
FloridaClick here to view!
Click here to view!
Northeast USAClick here to view!Click here to view!
Texas, Louisiana, & AlabamaClick here to view!Click here to view!
California (cruises to Mexico)Click here to view!Click here to view!
All portsClick here to view!Click here to view!

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Summertime cruises to Hawaii? – yes!


Cruise to Bermuda from the East Coast! So easy! This is Horseshoe Bay.

Summer Cruise Tip!

Bring two bathing suits.

All cruise ships have hot tubs, pools, water slides and sometimes even wave pools!

Summer cruise stops will take you to beautiful beachy locations with beautiful water.

So, chances are HIGH you’ll be getting wet.

If you’ve ever talked to someone who went on a cruise with only one bathing suit then you’ve probably talked to someone who never had a dry suit!

That’s just plain uncomfortable and not fun to put on.

So bring two, you can let one dry while you use the other one and always be comfortable getting ready to enjoy the water.

Last-minute summertime cruise deals Carnival Summertime Cruise

2024 Summertime Cruise Deals in Europe

DestinationAll Cruise Lengths
Western MediterraneanClick here to view!
Eastern Mediterranean, and GreeceClick here to view!
Baltic/RussiaClick here to view!
Scandinavia/FjordsClick here to view!
Europe Coastal/British IslesClick here to view!

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Last-minute summertime cruise deals Kuto Beach Summertime Cruise Deals

2024 Summertime Cruise Deals in Asia

3 to 5-day Cruises6 + Day Cruises
Click here to view!Click here to view!

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Trip Cancellation Insurance

At Military Cruise Deals we know that putting your hard-earned dollars into a cruise can be a little scary because members of the military can have their leave revoked or be deployed last minute. If this happens to you the cruise line can retain up to 100% of your payment!

Fortunately, we have negotiated special terms for travel insurance that covers your family in case of cancellation due to redeployment or revocation of leave. You are also covered for many other reasons at a rate that is typically half of what you would pay for insurance from the cruise line!

Click here to read about our insurance.