Norwegian Group Cruise Deals for Military and Veterans

Norwegian Group Cruise

Military and Veterans who book a Norwegian group cruise with Military Cruise Deals will get the best possible rate and most possible perks on ALL cabins booked in their group.

This is one of the reasons that Military Cruise Deals and Norwegian are so affordable together, and such a great option for military and Veteran families.

Why should you use Military Cruise Deals to book your Norwegian group cruise?

*We’ve been in business since 2001.

* We’ve received hundreds of 5-star reviews from military members who’ve booked cruises with us.

* We are well-known and respected by all the cruise lines.

* We are a no fee agency – meaning, we never charge any changes or cancellation fees like most travel agencies.

* We are cruise experts. We’ve been doing this a looooooong time, and we know everything about cruises.

* We are a family business, and owner-operated.

* We are available by phone and email 7 days a week!  We respond to all queries almost instantly!

Have questions about a group cruise on Norwegian? 

We have all the answers!  Keep reading!

Norwegian Group Cruise

What is the minimum number of cabins and people required for a Norwegian group cruise? 

A group is comprised of 7 cabins with at least 14 passengers. HOWEVER, the free cruise rate occurs every 5 cabins!

What is the deposit schedule for military and veterans groups on a Norwegian group cruise? When is money due and how much?

Norwegian groups have the same deposit as non-groups. So they get whatever the current promotional deposit is. Then, $50 per cabin deposit is due within 60 days of blocking the space. Once the names are put on the booking, this deposit is due within 7 days of the names being added.

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Norwegian Group Cruise

What are the benefits offered to military and Veterans when booking a Norwegian group cruise?

A. Amenity Points

B. Tour Conductor credit(s)

C. Our military discount

A. All About Group Perks on Norwegian:

Every group gets to choose TWO of the free perks listed below. NOTE: Whatever you select then applies to all cabins in the group. PLUS there may be an additional onboard credit, depending on your stateroom category.

    • The Ultimate Beverage Package (UBP)* ($677 per person)
    • 250-minute Internet package ($101 per person)
    • $50 Per Port Shore Excursion Credit** ($150 savings total ONLY IF you book 3 excursions with Norwegian)
    • Specialty Dining Package***^ ($82.80 per person)
    • 20 Image Photo Package ($199 for this package)
    • $75 Onboard Credit
    • $75 Fundraiser Credit
    • Cocktail Party
  • Commitment Ceremony

Whatever you do, don’t show this list to everyone joining your Norwegian group cruise, and ask them which they would prefer!! Everyone in the group has to have the same amenity points benefit – they won’t all get their preference if they prefer different things. A leader of the group has to choose for everyone! Please…take our advice on this and avoid a lot of unnecessary houha…

*For first and second guest in each stateroom. UBP is not available on All-Inclusive sailings or Pride of America. 20% gratuity will be applied.

** Maximum of four ports

*** For the first and second guest of each cabin

^Number of package days dependent on cruise length

B. The Tour Conductor Credit(s) applied to your Norwegian Group Cruise

For every 10 passengers and 5 cabins, the group gets one tour conductor credit.

This Tour Conductor credit can be used to give 1 passenger a FREE cruise fare!

(The passenger will still have to pay taxes and port charges.)

It is worth noting that while 1 free cruise fare occurs with every 5 cabins a group is not considered a full “group” until 7 cabins are in it.

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Norwegian Group Cruise

C. Our military discount

In addition to all the group benefits provided by Norwegian, any groups booked with Military Cruise Deals will receive an extra discount off the cruise fare. Thus, everyone in your group will PAY LESS than if they had booked directly with Norwegian!

PLUS, our Norwegian perks will still apply to group cabins:

    1. Chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of wine- Insides
    1. $25 onboard credit and a bottle of wine- ocean views, and balconies
    1. $50 onboard credit and a bottle of wine- mini-suites
  1. $75 onboard credit and a bottle of wine- suites

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Things to note about your Norwegian group cruise:

    • Group space is limited. Contact us today for pricing and availability.
    • Group cruise discounts and amenities are not available on some sailings.
    • Amenity options shown apply for group space held after June 15, 2018. Verify with us which amenities your group will receive.
    • Daily promotions and Sail Away rates are not combinable with groups.
  • 7 cabins must be booked to constitute a group.

Norwegian Group Cruise