Norwegian Cruise Line Military Discount

Norwegian Cruise Line Military Discount
Norwegian Cruise Line Military Discount

Planning to travel with the Norwegian cruise line but not confirmed about its military discount offers? You have clicked on the right website. Here we share some details that are important to consider when you travel with the Norwegian cruise line.

The Norwegian cruise line is known for its ambiance, luxury environment, family-friendly activities, and above all them not fixed dining times and no enforced dress codes. You can have your meal anytime during the day, whenever you want to do so. You will experience the best time of your life while cruising with the Norwegian cruise line.

Norwegian Cruise Line Military Discount

Military discounts:

Norwegian cruise line as showing a thanking gesture to the military personals who owe to serve their life for the country offer special military discounts to them. The cruise line offers up to a 10% discount to the military personals and their families who wanted cruising with the Norwegian cruise line towards their dream destination.

Who can avail of the military discounts?

The special discounts that are offered to the military personals following of the military members can avail the discounts.

  • Active duty military personals.
  • Retirees of the military.
  • Honorably discharged veterans.
  • National Guard or reserve member.
  • Spouses of the military personal.
  • Canadian national defense.
  • Retirees of Canadian national defense.
  • U.S marine corps
  • U.S coast guard.
  • Reserves.
  • Department of the air force.

Norwegian veteran discounts:

As a special privilege to the veterans of the military, the Norwegian cruise line offers special discounts on every cruise to the veterans.

In 2021 the Norwegian cruise line is going to hold some contests so that the winner veterans can get a chance to avail themselves the cruise of their choice even for the lowest amount.

Norwegian safe program 2021:

In context to the pandemic that is occurring in the whole world, the Norwegian cruise line has initiated the safety program for healthy cruising.

  • The entire crew of the cruise will be vaccinated.
  • There will be no more sharing of the serving utensils during the cruise.
  • A nontoxic but powerful disinfectant will get sprayed in all public areas on the ship during the cruise.
  • A medical-grade HEPA air filter is installed in all the ships of the cruise line so the incoming air is free from all the Nano and microparticles including the covid-19 virus.

Norwegian cruise destinations:

  • The Norwegian cruise line offers to cruise towards the following destinations.
  • Asia cruises.
  • Africa cruises.
  • Alaska cruises
  • Australia cruises.
  • Bahamas cruises
  • Bermuda cruises.
  • Canada and New England cruises.
  • Cane Bearn cruises.
  • Hawaii cruises
  • Mediterranean cruises.
  • Northern Europe.
  • Pacific coastal cruises.
  • Transatlantic cruises.

Ships of Norwegian cruise line:

Norwegian cruise line have a vast variety of elite class ships but each is specific for a specific cruise. Each of the ships has its importance and history, each containing different restaurants and onboard activities depending upon the cruise route and final destination. Here the list of the legendry ships of the Norwegian cruise line.

  • Norwegian spirit.
  • Pride of America.
  • Norwegian star.
  • Norwegian sky.
  • Norwegian breakaway.
  • Norwegian gateway.
  • Norwegian Epic.
  • Norwegian dawn.
  • Norwegian sun
  • Norwegian jewel.
  • Norwegian pearl
  • Norwegian gem.
  • Norwegian bliss.
  • Norwegian escape.
  • Norwegian joy.

Before boarding:

Before you board on a ship of the Norwegian cruise line keep in mind the following terms.

  • You must have all the necessary travel documents. These include a passport that has a validity of at least 6 months. A national identity card that is given by the government, military id as proof, original U.S citizenship certificate, etc.
  • Must complete your online check-in one day before sailing and must have a hard copy of your eDocs.
  • Board on the ship at least 2 hours before the departure time.
  • You are only allowed to take 2 suitcases per person not more than 50pounds each.
  • Reservation on specialty restaurants can be made 90 days before the boarding.

Pros and cons of cruising with the Norwegian cruise line:

Pros; the pros of preferring Norwegian cruise line are

  • Have a wide variety of onboard restaurants.
  • There is no fixed dress code.
  • Some ships have stateroom offers that are preferred by solo travelers.

Cons; the cons of traveling with the Norwegian cruise line are.

  • Some board activities are not included in cruise bookings. You have to pay for them additionally.
  • The specialty restaurants on the ship cost extra.
  • You may find long lines at dining and theater rooms.


Why should I book my Norwegian cruise with military discounts?

Cruising with the military discounts you can enjoy your trip in the possible lowest amount. Military discounts will save your money and allow you to uses the same onboard activities that are available for the full fares passengers. And most important military discounts are available on all the cruises.

Will I need to prove my military services while availing military discounts?

If you want to qualify for the military discounts, the Norwegian cruise line needs your military service proof.

The procedure of submitting the proof is simple. You just have to take a picture of your military id and have to email that picture to the Norwegians. They will then enquire about it and will notify you by email.

What are the things that are not allowed to take on the Norwegian cruise?

The guests are not allowed to take alcohol, firearms, any kind of ammunition, and explosive substances with them on the cruise.


The Norwegian cruise line is known for the best cruise experiences. While traveling with the Norwegian cruise line you can enjoy freestyle cruising as there will be no restriction of the dress codes and no specific timings for the dining.

The best part of the cruise line is that the military discount offers are not limited to some cruises but you can enjoy every cruise they are offering under the military discounts.

Aaah that’s great!

If you are military personal and qualifies for their military discount offer then don’t miss that chance to have the best trip of your life in the minimum amount.