Who’s There If Your Cruise Vacation Goes Charlie Foxtrot? Military Cruise Deals!


Saving money is nice. But what often matters most is having access to expert customer service support when you need it.

There are so many problems that could pop up and cost you lots of time and money!

Imagine this: You’ve been looking forward to this cruise vacation forever. You got your leave approved, looked for military cruise deals, got the family together, and it’s finally Sunday night and time to fly out.

Except your flight is delayed, and it looks like you might not make the cruise departure. 

Who are you going to call? 

Aside from the Ghostbusters, your only option if you booked online is likely an email that will be answered in 2-3 business days. 

Unless you booked with an agency that is available 7 days a week – like Military Cruise Deals. 

What Can Happen?

Maybe civilians are innocent enough to assume things always work out, but you’re different — you’ve seen stuff go from fine to FUBAR in 9.5 seconds. 

We’ve heard of a variety of ways cruise vacations can go sideways, but the difference is this — because we’re committed to our clients, we are available immediately to rebook, fix problems, and otherwise address the issue. 

I love Military Cruise Deals! My cruise line tried to downgrade my cabin even though I had paid in full. Mitch stopped that! This is why it behooves anyone booking a nice vacation to use a travel agent! MCD always has wonderful customer service, they accept payment arrangements, and they are your cruise advocate! —Jolene Lea review

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes your military cruise vacation gets snarled up due to an oversight or mistake you can avoid. Here are some things to keep in mind as you’re preparing for your trip — and don’t hesitate to call us if one of these things happens! We’ll do our best to help.

Not Having the Right Documentation

When you get ready to board your cruise, you’ll need specific documentation before they let you on the ship. Make sure you know what documents you need — and ask the Military Cruise Deals team if you have any questions.

If you don’t have a passport, you’ll need 2 forms of ID to get on a cruise: a birth certificate and a driver’s license.

What else might be needed:

  • Original, notarized birth certificate for those under 16 without a driver’s license
  • Travel visas
  • COVID-19 tests or paperwork for some destinations
  • Passports valid six months months after the cruise ends
  • As of May 7, 2025, a REAL-ID-compliant driver’s license

A military ID, voter registration cards, social security cards, and hospital certificates are not considered proof of citizenship.

Military Cruise Deals is a MUST and the ONLY way we vacation. They will absolutely ensure your cruise and holiday is spectacular anywhere in the world. Furthermore, their open communication lines and customer service is unmatched. For instance, we were recently at the port of Barcelona boarding our MSC Cruise and MSC informed us that our travel insurance that we purchased via Military Cruise Deals did not have the COVID-19 coverage required to board the ship. In turn, we were recommended to purchase additional coverage through the ship in order to board the cruise. I reached out to Mitch (Military Cruise Deals) via email to inform him of the issue and in minutes the entire story and stance of MSC was transformed. INSTANT Customer Service at its finest. We boarded the ship with peace of mind and extra money in our pocket. What more can you ask for. – real people, real reviews 

Not Understanding How to Use a Cell Phone on Board

This can be a very expensive mistake: connecting to your ship’s cellular service without realizing how it will be treated by your cell phone company.

While there is likely a cellular service on the ship, it will be considered an international roaming plan by your cell phone company. That means everything you do is significantly more expensive than it is at home — and you might return to an exceedingly high phone bill. 

To avoid this problem, consider doing one of the following:

  • Asking your cell phone provider if they offer cruise ship packages (and make sure you know how many minutes you’re getting)
  • Use the ship’s Wi-Fi. There will be a set fee per day for access, depending on the speed of connection you choose.
  • For phone service in a port, consider getting an international plan that includes those locations from your provider before you leave
  • Or save money in port by connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots instead

To avoid accidental connections, put your phone in airplane mode on the ship and turn on Wi-Fi manually. That will stop you from unintentionally accessing international phone providers and potential roaming charges.

Not Choosing a Family-Friendly Cruise With Kids

What’s worse than being at home and hearing kids whine, “I’m bored”? Being on a CRUISE and hearing them complain! 

Working with a travel agent like Military Cruise Deals can help you get the amenities that make your cruise vacation amazing, from waterslides to zip lines to kid-specific planned activities. 

Youngsters not your thing? No problem — there are plenty of adult-only cruises as well. Whether you’re looking for a luxury first-class experience or a kid-friendly theme park adventure, Military Cruise Deals can help you find the exact brand and ship that’s perfect for you.

Mitch is very patient and helpful; he answers all the questions promptly and always trying to find better options and bonuses for your reservations! Hands down to this team in helping people get their dream vacations. Highly recommended! —jona_aldea

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Overdoing the Shore Excursions

If you haven’t cruised much, you might assume every port deserves a shore excursion. However, that’s not the case — some excursions are more expensive than they’re worth, and too many excursions means no time to enjoy the port itself.

Consider exploring the port on your own without a specific tour. You can go to a local beach, check out shopping options, or simply let the day take you where it will. You might even find local tour operators offering a lower price than the cruise line — just be sure to stay safe.

Also, it’s not a good idea to try to do two excursions in a day, even if they technically line up — these events can run long for a variety of reasons, and you might not get a refund if you miss one.

Ticking Off the Ship Staff or Other Passengers

Yes, you’re on vacation, and the team on the ship is doing their best to serve you. It won’t always be perfect, and that’s when you have a choice — do you dress them down, or respond politely?

We always recommend the latter. As you know from your career in the military, the fact that you outrank someone doesn’t mean they can’t make your life difficult if you cross them. For unforeseen circumstances or mixed-up food and drink orders, it’s best to go with the flow and keep everyone happy. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand your ground on something important, and if there’s a significant problem, you can always call our team at Military Cruise Deals to see if we can help. 

Oh, did you know cruise ships often have a jail on board? Keep things light and friendly with your fellow passengers as well. If there’s a conflict, you could be charged with assault or other crimes just as easily on a ship as at home. And no one wants that to ruin their vacation! 

Missing Your Ship in Port

Getting left behind in port is an expensive hassle that can definitely tarnish your experience of your trip. If you’re overseas, you’ll need to go to a U.S. Embassy for emergency identification documents if your ID is on board. 

Then there’s the matter of where to go next. It might be best to get a flight to where the ship is going to end up so that you can get your belongings on debarkation day. Or, you can fly home and work the cruise line to get your belongings shipped.

If you miss your ship, definitely reach out to us at Military Cruise Deals. We understand travel and can help you make the most of a tough situation, whether by rebooking on another cruise headed to that port or helping you get home.

But the best option is to get back to the ship early, even if you have to hurry up and wait! 

Not Getting the Military Cruise Discount You Deserve

We believe that military members and veterans are incredibly special, and we do more than thank you for your service. Our company is set up to give you a better deal than you can get anywhere else — because we give you part of our commission! 

No one else will do that for you. Don’t make the mistake of accepting a cruise without military or veteran cruise discounts, and certainly don’t pay anyone for a military discount! Our service is absolutely free to you, and you deserve every penny of the savings you get.

We just booked a cruise for almost $3k less than we could have gotten going through the Disney website and travel agent. Very thankful we were able to find these guys. We wouldn’t have been able to afford to go without this great deal. Thank you! —jknevius15

Events Beyond Your Control

You’re buttoned up, and you know how to be on time. But that doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly with your vacation (although it does more often than not!) 

If something goes Charlie Foxtrot, the Military Cruise Deals team will do everything we can to help your vacation get back on track.

Flight Delays and Cancellations

When you’re going on vacation, you’re often at the mercy of the airlines. Flights are getting delayed and canceled with increasing frequency, and that can mean missing a connection on your way to the departing port or missing the ship altogether.

Fortunately, our team has a lot of experience, and we work hard not to book flights too close to embarkation or debarkation. If something goes sideways, though, we can help. 

Absolutely over the moon. Faced with airline connections too close to ensure we and our luggage would make the needed connection, Mitch made the impossible happen with a new booking that gave us the best chance of making the flights work! We are so appreciative and recommend Mitch, his dedicated service and his company, Military Cruise Deals! —Jim Jannette

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The C-Word

Gosh are we not all so TIRED of hearing about COVID? As we all know, it desperately upset the travel industry, especially cruises. There’s always a chance that another illness will cause problems in a similar way, but our experienced team can help.

We helped hundreds of customers book, rebook, and find the best rates on cruise vacations as soon as it was safe to do so. Even during volatile times, you can rely on Military Cruise Deals to help you get the vacation you deserve.

I have worked with Mitchell since 2019. Wife and I got married in May 2020 and due to COVID have had to cancel and rebook our honeymoon multiple times. We are finally able to go this year and could not be more excited. It would not have been easy to do without these guys. They always explained things very well and help me through every step of the way. I will book with them as much as possible for the rest of my life! —mxalpine

Illness or Injury

Aarg, getting sick on vacation is the WORST. While some people experience some seasickness (we recommend Dramamine), sometimes an illness or injury is more serious. Unfortunately, your health insurance from home won’t cover you once you leave US borders and get out into international waters. It’s essential to get a travel insurance policy that covers your cruise. 

Travel insurance is easy to get — we offer it through Military Cruise Deals when we help you book your vacation. Our coverage reimburses you for the cost of the cruise if you have to cancel for a covered reason, which includes death, illness, injury to yourself or the family, redeployment or revocation of leave.

The right travel insurance also helps pay for medical coverage on the cruise. If you get hurt and receive medical attention on the ship without insurance, it’s pricey — and they won’t let you leave the medical office onboard until you pay in full! 

Get the Military Cruise Discount You Deserve Today!

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to have our agents book your military cruise. Not only do you have an advocate if things go sideways, but you are also guaranteed the lowest rate on your booking. 

If you’re ready for some R&R, let us help you set up the perfect vacation. From booking you with the right ship to helping you with your full itinerary, Military Cruise Deals is the only way to get guaranteed lowest rates along with protections unique to your military needs, like insurance that covers redeployment and revocation of leave. 

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