Want to meet Shrek, Peppa Pig, the Cat in the Hat or Mickey Mouse? Come Cruise!

Meet Disney Characters

Which cruise is a family cruise? All cruises are family cruises! I highlight many reasons why I feel this on the Kids page. However, in this article I wanted to highlight one particular aspect of family cruising: character meet and greets.

Many of the major cruise lines have incorporated character meet and greets into their family program with many familiar characters.

Royal Caribbean has partnered with Dreamworks pictures which is why they can bring you Shrek and the characters from Madagascar.

Carnival has partnered with Dr. Suess and has a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast with the Cat in the Hat.

Cat in the Hat on Carnival
Meet Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat on Carnival.

Costa has arranged for kids to meet the famous Peppa Pig!

MSC has created the Do Re Mi family who sing the MSC song in SIX languages!

Meet the famous Mickey Mouse, ready to greet you on a Disney cruise.
While Princess and Norwegian didn’t have specific character meet and greets listed on their websites, I need to give them an honorable mention for their awesome kids programs.
On Norwegian they have Circus school, improv classes, and obstacle courses!
Princess is creating a whole new kids program based on their partnership with the Discovery Channel, Camp Discovery! These activities feature experiments based on Mythbusters, a Shark Week inspired scavenger hunt, and more!