Early Bookers Pay Less: My Cuba Story

Cuban Classic Car

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Royal Caribbean had just sent out a news update promoting their brand new Cuban itineraries. A country that I had once only dreamed of visiting had newly opened its port! Havana here I come!

Since this was a splurge impulse buy, I immediately started pricing the least expensive inside cabin for two on the 5-day itinerary. I already knew that I didn’t have the funds for a balcony or longer itinerary. However, would I even be able to afford this?

Victory! The total price on the screen showed an even $1000!!! What a steal! Let the excited cabbage patch dance begin.

Plus, the deposit to lock it in was only a refundable $200. If something came up and I needed to cancel, I could. There was no reason not to book right then and there.

Then disaster struck. It came swiftly in the night and robbed me of my great rate. You see, I hadn’t followed the advice that I have given to so many clients. I hadn’t checked with my bank to make sure that my deposit transaction had gone through, and it hadn’t.

Days passed. The sun rose and set multiple times. In the meantime, Royal Caribbean had raised their rates. By the time I had realized that my booking wasn’t confirmed with a deposit, the price for two had gone up to $1500.

There was nothing I could do! I had to resend the deposit and book my cruise at the higher rate. I’ve crossed my fingers and hoped that the price would go down since then, but I have only seen it rise.

However, I have not given up hope. If Royal Caribbean lowers the price for my inside cabin type before the final payment date, I can refare. It could happen.

I don’t think that it will, though. You see, early bookers pay less. Cruise lines generally raise their rates as you get closer to the sail date.

Is it possible for them to lower the rate in an exciting flash sale? Yes, it is possible. I have the computer software monitoring for it. Am I optimistic that it will likely happen? No, I don’t think so. At least I’m still going to Cuba though!