Royal Caribbean’s new ship: the Harmony of the Seas

Abyss Slide on the Harmony of the Seas

“Are you going on the big one?” our hotel waitress asked.
“Yes, we’re going on the BIG one.”

There was no mistaking what we were referring to. Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas is the largest ship at sea. Here is a picture for comparison. It is the Harmony beside the Norwegian Breakaway. The Breakaway is also a very large and new ship; however, it is tiny compared to the massive Harmony of the Seas.

Harmony Compared To Breakaway
Note how massive the Harmony of the Seas is when compared To the Norwegian Breakaway.

The size is necessary to fit the incredible number of activities available on this ship. There are 7 neighborhoods in total! You can go from the Boardwalk, to Central Park or to the Spa!

The percentage of ship activities that were kid-friendly amazed me. I have never seen so many things for kids to do in one place! There are so many that I am going to number them for you as I describe them all.

    1. There is the Splashaway Bay water park for young kids. This area was very cute and age appropriate for younger travelers. It has a bucket pouring water down, sprinklers, and a few small slides.
    2. There are two Perfect Storm waterslides for the older kids (and adults). These are multiple stories tall and not for the faint of heart. There are also multiple pools, hot tubs, and whirlpools.
    3. Onboard is a 3D movie theater.
    4. There is a dance floor for rocking out, with dance lessons, contests and more!
    5.  Plus there is the TEN STORY slide, the Abyss. It has a giant anglerfish at the top with big teeth. Sliding down it was a breeze. I used it multiple times to get from a higher deck to a lower deck faster.
    6. There is a classical carousel on the iconic boardwalk.
    7. Arcades are scattered throughout the ship to the delight of both kids and adults. I took some time to wax nostalgic by playing skee-ball. That game will never not be fun.
    8. The Adventure Ocean Youth program is a complimentary kid’s club that has its own movie theater, science lab, and art studio. There is also a teen lounge area and a disco. It looked like a lot of fun.
    9. Kids can surf on the surf simulator which has an instructor on standby to help everyone learn how to Hang ten. I overcame my fear and tried it in my ungraceful way. Many of the kids that tried the surf simulator put adults like me to shame. They were natural pros.
    10. There is also an onboard zip line that spans 82 feet across! Gliding over the ship this way is quite the rush, let me tell you!
    11. There are ping pong tables!
    12. There are basketball courts!
    13. Even in your stateroom, there are kid-friendly things to do. Dreamworks and Pixar movies are available on the tv in the stateroom. On my sailing, I took the opportunity to watch “Finding Dory” and the new “Ghostbusters.”
    14. Kids can watch the holiday parade through the central shopping area.
    15. They can stop at Sorrentos to eat the delicious pizza.
    16. Plus, the can meet their favorite Dreamworks characters! These characters include Shrek, the Hippo from Madagascar, the Penguins from Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda!
    17. The onboard shows are phenomenal and include the well known “Grease,” as well as an ice show, and an incredible water production in the Aqua Theater. Even though I have been a “Grease” fan for years, I liked the water show even more. The show combined high diving, slacklining, acrobats, dancers, intricate lighting and circus performers to create a show that was really unique and exciting.
    18. There’s even an onboard ice skating rink that’s open for free skate some of the time, and hosts the ice show at other times!
    19. There are two 43 ft high rock walls. I didn’t get a chance to climb during my quick cruise, but I encourage you to check it out during yours. I imagine the view is unparalleled.
    20. Last but not least there is a very cute onboard mini golf course!

One spectacle for all, and server for adults-only, is robot bartender. Watch it mix your drinks while dancing to the music that is playing.

The spa provided a heavenly retreat for adults only. I hear that massages are lovely, and you can also get a manicure or haircut.

The best-kept secret on the ship may be the adults-only escape room onboard! It was highly technical with flashing lights and clever puzzles. I highly recommend it. This was the surprise easter egg of my trip and I thought that it was fantastic.

I sampled the Voom internet while at sea and the speed allowed me to stay completely connected. However, if you would prefer an electronics break- this ship is a great place to do it. There is so much stimuli for adults and kids to experience. The Harmony of the Seas provides a truly unique and incredible vacation. Check it out!