Birthday Recognition

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Let us know if you want to have your birthday recognized onboard! Many of the cruise lines will do something special!


For your birthday Carnival will sing to you in the main dining room and put a candle in the dessert course. Tell us which date you would like to celebrate so we can request this ahead of time.

Honeymoon- they do nothing but wish guests a happy honeymoon. Guests can create cruise-based registries here though:


Celebrate with a toast or bring a cake, we specify the night ahead of time.


If you are a Costa club member already and it is your Anniversary (depends on which ship Neo no) advise us so that you can be invited to a cocktail party. If you are already a Costa club member and it is your let us know which date you want to celebrate and you will be given a cake and singing for costa club members. We cannot request this for non-costa club members. However, guests can sign up for costa club online before their first sailing.


Celebrations aren’t celebrated on Cunard.


Let us know what date you want to celebrate and when your server brings cupcakes/ dessert they will sing happy birthday.


Celebrations on Holland occur during dinner 1st or last day at sea. Let us know to request it and they will bring a cake with a candle while wishing you happy birthday.


Let us know that your birth date will be on the sailing so that we can let MSC know. MSC does acknowledge in some way birthdays or anniversaries, though cake is not guaranteed.


Let us know which date you want to celebrate. You will receive card in your stateroom which you then give  to the maitre’d and then matire’d brings a cake.


Princess puts signs on the door for anniversaries and birthdays. Let us know which date you want to celebrate and in the dining room you will get a special dessert.

Royal Caribbean

Let us know which night you will want to celebrate ahead of time. Royal Caribbean will give you a cake at dining, and sing happy birthday to you.