Group Cruise Discounts for Military and Veteran Families and Organizations


Military Veterans Group Cruise Discount
Cruise ships are ideal for hosting large group events.

How can your Military or Veteran organization benefit from taking a group cruise?

  • It’s a fun and easy way to earn money!
  • It gives your members an opportunity to meet and make future plans for the group.
  • It’s a chance to spend lots of quality time together, which will strengthen the bond between your group members.
  • It will help you recruit more members.
There are gorgeous destinations everyone will love.

How can a group cruise help your group raise money?

Some cruise lines may match any funds raised while on a cruise.

And, we at Military Cruise Deals will provide a discount for each cabin, which can be used as funds for your organization.

What is a group?   It’s at least 8 cabins and 16 people!!

Elegant Group Cruises
A cruise provides an ideal setting for stress-free, social interaction.

How would this work?  What do you do first?

  • Call or email us to talk about the needs and interests of your group
  • Then we’ll send you a list of cruise options which fit your criteria.
  • Then your group leadership decides on a specific ship and sail date that your group would prefer.
  • We’ll create an email that describes all the details of the cruise and cabin types of prices for you to send out to all your members.
  • Your members submit their info and small deposit needed to hold their cabin.
  • We will contact your members when the cruise line requires the final payment on their cabin.
  • We work with your group leaders to set up meeting times and spaces on the ship, and to create any group shore excursions if desired.
  • Our contribution to your organization can be deducted from the cruise fare of each cabin, or distributed to your organization on the day of sailing.
Would your group prefer a large ship with lots to do for kids, or a smaller ship with adults only?

Why should you use Military Cruise Deals to book your group cruise?

*We’ve been in business since 2001.

* We’ve received hundreds of 5-star reviews from military members who’ve booked cruises with us.

* We are well-known and respected by all the cruise lines.

* We are a no fee agency – meaning, we never charge any changes or cancellation fees like most travel agencies.

* We are cruise experts. We’ve been doing this a looooooong time, and we know everything about cruises.

* We are a family business, and owner-operated.  

* We are available by phone and email 7 days a week!  We respond to all queries almost instantly!



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