Military and Veteran Discounts on Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line Military Cruise Deals Discount

All About the Military and Veteran Discounts on Carnival

We love Carnival because they offer military and veteran discounts on more of their cruise sailings than any of the other cruise lines.If Carnival is offering their own military rate, you will get that rate for as many cabins as they allow.

Today's Special Deals on Carnival Cruise Line include:

  • Up to $50 onboard credit and 2 for 1 deposits on 2-5 day sailings

  • More=Merrier discounted rates for 3+ people in a cabin

  • Free upgrades on sailings – Fall of 2018

  • Reduced Military, Senior, Resident, and past passenger rates on select sailings

How much is Carnival’s military and veteran discount?

Carnival’s military discount is often $25 to $250 per person less than the rate available to civilians. So military folks can really save a lot of money if they can book those cruises when the military discount is available. Carnival only applies a military discount to select cruises, not all cruises all the time. So their military discounts can appear and disappear without warning!

How many cabins can be booked at the Carnival cruise military and veteran discount rate?

Carnival only allows their discounted military rate to be applied to the single cruise cabin which contains the member of the military. Twice a year they offer a promotion that allows 2 additional cabins at the military rate. Our online discount will apply to as many cabins as you like!

Who qualifies for the Carnival cruise military and veteran discount?

The Military promotion is available to the following members of the United States Military and Canadian National Defense. The Military Personnel is permitted to book one cabin as long as he/she is traveling in the cabin.

Eligible Personnel
Spouses of active Military personnel called to active duty or stationed overseas will be eligible to book one cabin as long as the eligible spouse is occupying this cabin. The spouse must provide proof of eligibility by submitting a copy of the official military orders and/or duties documentation and proof of marriage. Spouses include Same Gender Union Partner (in states/provinces where legal).

  • Reserve Personnel (U.S / Canadian)
  • Active Cadets (U.S / Canadian)
  • U.S Coast Guard Personnel (U.S)
  • National Guard (U.S): Active Member / Retired Member / Honorably Discharged Member
  • Uniformed members of the USPHS, United States Public Health Services (U.S)
  • Retired Personnel (U.S / Canadian)
  • Spouse of deceased personnel (active/retired) and veterans (U.S / Canadian)
Eligible Veterans (U.S. or Canadian)
Individuals who have actively served in the Military for at least ten years or during a wartime period and have been honorably discharged.
The following personnel are NOT entitled to the Military promotion:
  • Dishonorable Discharged personnel
  • Delayed Entry Program: Military personnel in a Delayed Entry Program are not eligible until period of active duty.
  • Employees of the Department of Defense (civilian personnel)
  • Dependant children of any age of the Military personnel
  • Auxiliary personnel
  • Non-United States Military / Non-Canadian National Defense
  • Merchant Marines

Proof of Eligibility:

Proof of Military ID is required to take advantage of Carnival’s Military Discounts. Your eligibility must be verified at the time of booking. Verification documents include one of the following:

  • Copy of Enlistment Papers and a Photo ID
  • Photocopy of Military ID or current LES with personal info blackened out
  • Copy of Military Retirement Papers (DD-214) or current LES
  • These verification documents must be presented within 72 hours of booking your cruise vacation. Dependant ID’s do not qualify.

Suess at Sea on Carnival!

Carnival lets kids have green eggs and ham with the Cat in the Hat, soar down water slides, watch movies at the pool, and have an all-around awesome time.

For all children between the ages of 2 and 17, Carnival Cruises entertainment staff is available in Camp Carnival every day from 10:00 am to midday, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm and from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Children’s entertainment is free and is organized into three distinct categories:

Teen:12-17 years old,

Camp Carnival: 9-11 years old,

Youth Program: 2-11 years old.

Night Owls is the night program held in the kids club. It is for children 6 months to 11 years, allows parents time to enjoy the nightlife without having to worry about their little ones.

Night owls is available each evening from 10:00 pm – 1:00 am. Night owls is $6.75 per hour plus a 15% gratuity per child.”

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Carnival cruise military and veteran discount kids
Slides for Kids!
Carnival cruise military and veteran discount dr seuss
Suess at Sea parade!
Carnival cruise military and veteran discount waterslide
MORE slides for Kids!
Carnival cruise military and veteran discount sky course
Sky course!
Here’s another view fo the skycourse on the Breeze!
Carnival cruise military and veteran discount fun
There’s even cornhole games!