Use these onboard apps for your cruise!

Norwegian Onboard App

While aboard the Star Princess, I couldn’t help but marvel at how useful the Princess@Sea onboard app for my phone was!

The app allowed me to message other guests to make plans. I could look up what activities were happening right then, and plan activities for the next day. It listed my onboard spending so that I could track it and curb it before anything got out of hand. I even found it useful for finding the nearest bathroom to my current location!

I hope this app guide encourages you to download the free apps connected to your cruise line before you next sail. I think that you will appreciate having them handy!

Carnival Hub App (Carnival)
Use the Carnival app to track your spending and check the up-to-date schedule feature.

The Carnival Hub App is available on select ships for iphones and Android phones.
Like the best apps, the Hub App has a customizable schedule.
The food and drink section of the app provides schedules for the various food options and bars.
The ship map has interactive deck plans, and account information for you to keep track of your purchases while onboard.
There is a chat feature but it is not free.


Celebrity Cruises Mobile App (Celebrity)
These app relates to the Cunard website rather than functioning as an onboard app. Only the Celebrity’s Fortunes free casino gaming app are intended for primary use onboard.

My Costa Mobile (Costa)
My Costa Mobile is the most straightforward app of them all. It allows you to chat, learn about your itinerary and check the weather.

MyCosta Mobile App is available for iPhone, Android, and iPad.
This app has FREE chat feature that lets you Call or Chat with other passengers onboard!
The cruise navigator is great for learning about the ports of call. It also provides weather updates which is a super helpful feature!


Cunard App (Cunard)
This app relates to the Cunard website rather than functioning as an onboard app.

This author has not found an onboard Holland app at this time. However, Holland does have a cool Glacier Bay podcast series for their Alaska voyages.

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App (Disney)
One neat feature of this app is the ability to chat for FREE one on one or in a group chat.

Disney Navigator App is available for iPhone, Android, and iPad.
The chat feature on this app is FREE and has a group chat feature.
It provides the ship deck plan which is very helpful for finding bathrooms!
The daily program is updated and customizable so you can save the events that you want to go to.
You also can get up-to-date details on character experiences, parties, dining, movies and live shows, the spa, youth clubs, pool times, and ports of call.


MSC Traveller (MSC)
MSC Traveller is available for use on the MSC Divina, MSC Preziosa, and MSC Magnifica. This is one of the most unique apps with a location feature and 24/7 news updates.

This app is completely free and is available in 6 languages!
It provides up-to-date information about the ship, route, conditions at sea, and onboard promotions.
The Daily program is customizable to your favorite activities, and there is a location feature that lets others know where you are!
It provides FREE instant messaging and 24/7 world news updates!
You can reserve shore excursions and dinner reservations from the app.

Norwegian IConcierge (Norwegian)
ICongierge is available for use on almost all of the ships except for the Norwegian Sky.

It is available for download on iPhones, Android, Windows phone, and iPad.
You can use it to preview and book shore excursions, create restaurant reservations, or reserve entertainment.
It provides updated information about your cruise rewards and has a folio review.
There is a schedule with daily activities, plus general information about onboard services, spa services, shopping, entertainment information, and restaurant information and menus.
This app does have a messaging and calling feature, but it is not free.


Princess@Sea (Princess)
This is the app that inspired this article!

This app has an events calendar that you can customize to show just the events that most interest you.
It has a FREE messaging app that is very handy when you’re spread all about a large ship.
It has account details so that you can monitor your onboard spending.
It has destination guides that tell you about each of your ports on a clickable version of your itinerary.
It has ship venue details with hours, menus, and deck plans. I personally found the deck plans especially helpful for finding the nearest bathroom to your current location!

ROYAL IQ (Royal Caribbean)
This app is not available on all of the ships, only the newest four: Quantum, Anthem, Ovation, and Harmony.

Available for Ipads, Iphones and Android phones
This app has an events calendar that you can customize to show just the events that most interest you.
You can use it to book shore excursions, reserve dining or entertainment, and modify existing reservations