How we save you money even AFTER your cruise is booked and paid for.

Nyhaven Copenhagen

Imagine if your travel agent called you and said, I’ve been keeping an eye on your cruise. This morning the cruise line lowered the price of your cabin category by $200 per person, and I was able to refare it to that new lower rate. So, I just wanted to let you know that $400 has been refunded to your credit card. That’s all. Have a nice day.”

Or, “I checked on your cruise status today and there was a free-upgrade offer available, so I can get you moved up from deck 6 to deck 10 if you’d like?”

And, “Our agency has qualified for a $50 on-board credit for your cabin. Expect to see a $50 deduction off your bill for on-board expenditures. “

We make phone calls like that on a regular basis, because even after our clients book with us, we STILL are on the lookout for ways they can get more and pay less.

When your final payment becomes due, we check the current rate for your cruise, and if it is less than what you paid, we contact the cruise line and request that they refare your cruise to the new lower rate, upgrade you to a higher category, or provide an on-board credit for the difference. We also welcome you to call us if you find the rate has gone down anytime after you book!