How to tell if a Shore Excursion is Right for YOU!

Locate a Shore Excursion

Once you have booked your cruise you are able to choose a shore excursion for each port! There will A LOT of options to choose from for every activity level from both your cruise line and shore trips.  You can start your search based on location or activity type.

There will be a key with activity levels. Here are examples from Carnival, Norwegian, and MSC. By hovering or clicking on the key when you are on the cruise line”s websites you will be able to see more specific information about what each level means.

Carnival Shore Excursion Activity levels MSC Shore Excursion Activity level










NCL Shore Excursion Activity Level




Each activity will also have icons that specify age ranges, if a tour is a good fit for families,  and if it is wheelchair accessible.

Children will often be less expensive than adults so the child price will be listed as well as the adult price. Cruise lines categorize adults as 12 and over in most cases.

Cruise lines will give detailed information on each excursion including highlights, what to wear, and how long the duration should be. The cruise lines also often include reviews from guests who have done that excursion!




MSC Shore Excursion Ibiza

Some “excursions” are just transportation to nearby beaches or locations. There will be taxis ready and available at ports, as well as less expensive local bus systems in many cases. However, if you’d like peace of mind knowing your transportation is pre-arranged this may be a good fit.

Even that may not even be necessary however. Some beaches are walking distance from the port! This is especially the case for any port that includes the word “cay” and is owned by the cruise line. For more information on Caribbean ports such as these click here.

How are excursions booked? Excursions with your cruise line can be booked online through the same port that you used to do your online check in or here with shoretrips.

Feeling extra adventurous? You can save money by waiting and picking an excursion at the port. You may have fewer choices and may have to pay in local currency, but the price will be a lot less!