How to get the least expensive cabin on a cruise?

Book an inside, ocean view or balcony “guarantee”. A “guarantee” simply means the cruise line will assign you a cabin on the day of sailing, and that cabin is guaranteed to be an ocean view or better if you book an ocean view guarantee.
It will be a balcony or better (a suite) if you book a balcony guarantee. Or an inside or better if you book an inside guarantee.
Don’t worry – you are ‘guaranteed’ to get a cabin in the category you choose: inside, ocean view or balcony. There is no such thing as you arriving at the ship and the cruise line has no cabin for you. Promise!!
A ‘guarantee’ cabin is often $50 to $100 less per person than booking an assigned cabin.
Many people want to choose their cabin in order to make sure they’ll get a cabin on a certain deck, next to another cabin, or in the mid-section of the ship.
Thus, the only drawback to getting a guarantee cabin is you may not get a cabin assigned to you that has the most ideal location.
It’s your choice: cabin choice or price. Which is more important to you?
If it’s price – book an “guarantee” and roll the dice!