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What military families need to know before they book their next cruise.

Many cruise lines offer a special “military” rate on some of their ships and sail dates that can be substantially less than the non-military rates.

Military friends and families could save serious money on their next cruise vacation if they knew where and how to find these rates.

It’s often hard to find these lower military rates: this information is not always available online and the reservation agents at the cruise lines don’t always offer the military rate as an option.

There are 22 different cruise lines and each of them has a different policy on military rates. It’s kinda complicated! But not for us.

We at Military Cruise Deals are the military cruise experts. We are a military family-owned, cruise-only travel agency which always looks for discounted military rates offered by the cruise line. Then we add our own additional discount to that rate – which means military cruisers get a double discount off the price of their cruise when they book it with us!

If a cruise does not have a military rate available from the cruise line, military friends and family would still get a military discount provided by Military Cruise Deals.

This means our rates are always lower for military cruisers than any other source, including all the online agencies like Travelocity, on-base agencies and the cruise lines directly. How do we do it? Simple: if the cruise lines don’t offer a discount to military folks, we provide it by sharing our commission.

There are other reasons you should book with Military Cruise Deals that are even more important than price. Over the last ten years we’ve booked cruise vacations forthousands of members of the military. Many of them have become repeat customers and refer others primarily because we provide impeccable information and customer service via phone and email, seven days a week.

Our customers have put it this way, “They’re utterly reliable. They are true cruising experts.” and, “They worked like mad dogs to make sure our military family was taken care of in every possible way. Including getting the fare reduced further when the cruise line offered a rate reduction prior to final payment!”

Finally, we offer travel insurance that includes military re-deployments and revocation of leave. This great coverage is provided to our military clients at substantially less than cruise line insurance. Click here to begin your cruise search, or call 866-964-5482.