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Cruises to Baltic /Russia



Cruises to Baltic/Russia are the most popular cruises in Europe!

Cabins often sell out 6 months in advance, especially cabins for 3, 4 and 5 so put your cabin on hold today!

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Tallinn, Estonia

Need a cabin for 5 on Baltic Russia cruises?

There are very few of those and they sell out fast.  Here are the few ships which have some cabins for five:

Costa:  Magica and Pacifica both have ocean view and balcony cabins for five.

MSC: Preziosa has a few very expensive balcony options only, Orchestra - no cabins for 5!

Norwegian Breakaway: (only the O1 family ocean view and very expensive Haven 2-bedroom villa)

Royal Caribbean:  Brilliance and Serenade only have a couple categories which hold 5 (FO ocean views and D1 balconies only), Navigator only has the FO’s and expensive suites.

Holland:  Koningsdam - there are a few category FA and FB family ocean views. Rotterdam and Zuiderdam - no.  


This is Stockholm, Sweden

Will the prices of Baltic / Russia cruises come down if I wait?

No! This is the most popular cruise itinerary in Europe with the shortest cruising season, so these cruises usually sell out and the prices go up the closer you get to the departure date.  

So DO NOT WAIT to book a Baltic Russia or Norwegian Fjord cruise!


Church of Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg

What is the most important thing you need to know to prepare for a cruise to St. Petersburg?

Book a shore excursion for St. Petersburg. Unless you have a Russian Visa, which takes a long time to get, you cannot get off the cruise ship unless you are booked on a shore excursion, which covers you through their visa. Most tour operators have this. And all tours booked through the ship do. (We recommend a tour company below.)

Buy a local sim card to use in your phone while in St. Petersburg.  (Those are available at newstands and convenience stores in St. Petersburg.)  If your phone is ON while in Russia, even if you only use it to take pictures, you will include large roaming charges - like, up to $75 per day.

TAKE YOUR PASSPORT and your tour ticket and get off the ship as soon as possible, as the passport check lines can be very long, and could take up to 2 hours to get through if you are at the end of a slow line

The other stops on a Baltic / Russia cruise - Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Riga, Klaipeda, Gdynia, etc - do not require you to have a shore excursion booked to get off the ship.


Catherine’s Palace, St. Petersburg

What are the most interesting things to see in St. Petersburg?  

If you have two days in St. Petersburg, you will have time to see many of the most interesting sites.  If you only have one day, you’ll have to make some hard choices.

While of course you may have your own opinions, here’s advice from our agents who’ve cruised to St. Petersburg

The outside of the Church of Spilled Blood.

The inside of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

These three places are very close to one another, so it will be easy to fit them all in.

Catherine’s Summer Palace

Peterhof’s Lower Garden

The inside of Catherine’s and Peterhof’s ‘summer palaces’ are both amazing, but they are similar enough that if you are short on time, only visit one or the other.  And between those two, I would choose Catherine’s Palace.  The interiors of both are very similar.

We found an amazing place for lunch, with great food, right across the river from the Hermitage, so the view is fantastic. It’s called Koryushka - just Google it to see location, menu and pictures.

The metro stations are very interesting, as they were built by Stalin, and intended to be very grand and opulent, as a way of celebrating communal transportation. 


The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

Can we recommend a tour company?

YES!  We used a private company called Dancing Bear, and it was expensive but the best decision we could have made.  

We booked a private tour with them, which came with a private car, English-speaking guide and driver.  They even had our Russian SIM card waiting for us!

We never waited in line, and the car and driver were waiting curb side whenever we were done, and zipped us around the city to the next site.  It was amazing!  I mean, St. Petersburg is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  And there’s so much to see, we wanted to be sure that we got the most out of it.

The owner of Dancing Bear is named Julia, and her number is +7921-324-46-40.


Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Are kids free on Baltic / Russia cruises?  

The only cruise line which almost always offers kids free  on Baltic cruises is MSC, and they have only two ships doing Baltic Russia cruises this year (when they are the 3rd and 4th pax in a cabin and age 11 and under).  

Only one of those, the Preziosa, has a couple of expensive balcony cabins which will hold five.  But they are super expensive are very likely sold out already. The other MSC ship in the Baltic, the Orchestra, does not have any cabins for five.

Thus, if you have 3 kids, you’ll have to get two cabins to get on an MSC Baltic cruise, and then only the child in the cabin for three will be free (assuming that child is age 11 or younger).

Sometimes Norwegian has a promotion offering 3 and 4th passengers free in a cabin. (And as of January 4, that is happening on some dates on the Norwegian Breakaway in May, September and early June.)

There are very few cabins for five on Norwegian and Costa, so call us ASAP if that’s what you need, as often most cabins for five are not revealed online.


Old town, Tallinn, Estnia

Looking for a Baltic / Russia cruise in 2019?

Here’s a link to all which are currently scheduled in 2019.

MSC and Costa usually do not post their cruise schedules until a year in advance.

However, most other lines have all their cruises scheduled two years in advance.

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Here’s descriptions of all other ports of call on the Baltic side of Northern Europe.

Aalborg, Denmark (Baltic/Russia, Scandinavia & Fjords)- This charming waterfront town has great nightlife and shopping. Aalborg is also a great family spot with a zoo that breeds siberian tigers, a park of music, and specialty museums.

Aarhus, Denmark (Baltic/Russia, Scandinavia & Fjords)- This university town is preserved as a historic village, similar to historic Williamsburg in the United States. It houses the Fyrkat Viking fortress, and Moesgard Museum of Prehistory with stone age artifacts, viking tools, and a 2000 year old man. There are natural draws as well. Head to the Marselisborg deer park to feed the deer, or the beautiful botanical gardens and greenhouses.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (Baltic/Russia, British Isles & Coastal, Scandinavia & Fjords)- While admiring the city’s beautiful canals on a canal tour be sure to visit the equally stunning Van Gogh museum. For a nature fix, you can visit the tulips of the Keukenhof Gardens, or the lush Vondelpark. Important historical landmark to visit is Anne Frank’s House, Rembrandt’s house, and of course the red light district.

Bergen, Norway (Baltic/Russia, Scandinavia & Fjords)- The Hanseatic Wharf in Bergen is the beautiful colorful town of the north. Imagine La Boca in Buenos Aires or the Amalfi Coast and you’ve found the palette of Bergen. While there you can tour around by boat, bike, or segway, enjoy the stunning views of the Fjords for the funicular, and visit the local fish market for the catch of the day!

Copenhagen, Denmark (Baltic/Russia, Scandinavia & Fjords)- With beginnings as a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen is a beautiful piece of history. Tour or bike to the 1,000 year old Rosenborg castle with falconry demonstrations, Round Tower observatory, Baroque churches, a statue of the little mermaid and much more. Historical artifacts not your thing? Listen to the water in Tivoli Gardens, or visit one of the eclectic and vibrant museums.

Dover, England (Baltic/Russia)- Head straight to the famous Windsor castle and white cliffs of Dover. Enjoy boat tours where you may see Sea lions, or admire old cars at the Dover transport museum. Visit nearby Canterbury or London. Whatever you choose, you’ll have fun at this departure port.

Flaam, Norway (Baltic/Russia, Scandinavia & Fjords)- Enjoy the 5 star Fjordsafari where you may sea porpoises, seals, goats, eagles and hidden views. For a calmer tour, enjoy the scenery from the Flam Railway.

Fredericia, Denmark (Baltic/Russia)- This southern town has beautiful parks and hills that are perfect for leisurely stroll on a nice day. A mere hour and half away is the ancient city of Ribe, and slightly farther is Funen, Hans Christian Andersen’s Museum, and Legoland for the kids.  

Gdynia, Poland (Baltic/Russia)- Gdynia has a strong history as a fishing village that was modernized rapidly during World War I. It is now a cultural hub for tourist with an annual film festival, an emigration museum, and an interesting Torpedo launch station. Farther back in time are medieval remnants in nearby Gdansk. Head to the Malbork castle, St. Mary’s Basilica, and Gdank’s old town.

Goteborg, Sweden (Baltic/Russia)- Goteborg, also known as Gothenburg, is not only the host of the Metaltown festival, but also a great tourist spot. There are kayaking tours, hop on hop off buses, segway tours, and even the Volvo museum.

Hellesylt, Norway (Baltic/Russia, Scandinavia & Fjords)- This port, on the Geraingerfjord, hosts Briksdal Glacier, a giant sheet of ice remaining from the ice age. Hike out to glacier, or up Dalsnibba Mount,  to see other natural wonders such as the Seven Sisters waterfalls. Or to get your adrenaline pumping, go kayaking or rafting down the scenic Valldal river!

Helsingborg, Sweden (Baltic/Russia)- Helsingborg has a stunning panoramic view atop the steps of the Karnan castle tower. It is a great family spot with animal encounters in the Tropikariet, Hamlet’s castle, and adorable seaside beaches. Enjoy a culinary tour of swedish pastries, chocolates, and local tapas.

Helsinki, Finland (Baltic/Russia) this Finnish capital has a burgeoning cultural scene with classic cathedrals as well as modern museums and parks. A beautiful place for a picnic is the UNESCO World heritage site of the Suomenlinna, which is a fortress of 6 connected islands. Check out the modern spiritual Rock Church or the Kamppi Chapel of silence. Head by bike, or foot, to the Senate square to see the Helsinki Cathedral, government halls, and the contrasting architecture of the Uspenski Cathedral.

Kalmar, Sweden (Baltic/Russia) Head to the restored Kalmar Castle to feel like you are a Disney Princess.

Kiel, Germany (Baltic/Russia, Scandinavia & Fjords) This is one of the most convenient departure ports for our military families. Before you leave take a boat trip down the canal, a tour through town to learn of its maritime history, or visit Lubeck, a preserved medieval town!

Klaipeda, Lithuania (Baltic/Russia)- When in Klaipeda be sure to visit the Curonian Spit in Kursiu Nerija National Park. This lovely beach has soft sand, crystal blue water and hiking trails. You can take a ferry across, kayak, or go with a guide to search for amber and hear local folk tales about Witches. Once you go into the city, go the Amber Museum, visit the monastery of Kretinga, or see the historic Soviet Nuclear Missile site!

Limfjord, Denmark (Baltic/Russia) Aarlborg is a nearby charming waterfront town has great nightlife and shopping. This is a great family spot with a zoo that breeds siberian tigers, a park of music, and specialty museums. Visit an ancient Viking burial site, and Danish distilleries in this best of Aarlborg tour.

Murmansk, Russia (Baltic/Russia) Despite being North of the Arctic Circle, this port is ICE FREE. This may be due in part to the naval center’s nuclear-powered icebreaker fleet. Many points of interest harbor around this military past. There are three war memorials: the Aloysha Monument, the monument to the Anti-Hitler Coalition, and the Allied Cemetery, which is a final resting place for many US soldiers who lost their lives during WWII.

Nynashamn, Sweden (Baltic/Russia)- Enjoy the Vasa Museum and Old town in nearby Stockholm. Tour Sweden’s capital to see the Royal Palace and Canals, the Ice Bar, or head to the fascinating Skansen Open Air Museum. This Museum is a miniature village with costumed characters, and demonstrations of traditional crafts.

Oslo/Oslofjord, Norway (Baltic/Russia, Scandinavia & Fjords) The capital sits at the peak of the fjord itself in this two for one port. In man made sights there is a beautiful sculpture garden at Vigeland, a Polar Ship Museum and Viking ship museum, a Skiing Museum, and the Nobel Peace Center. You can even travel for free on the public transportation using an Oslo Pass which also pays your entry into many of the museums! Then if you want nature made beauty head simply to the Oslo Fjord, or Sognsvann lake for breathtaking views.

Riga, Latvia (Baltic/Russia) This grand city boasts a UNESCO world heritage site, the colorful old town, an ethnographic open-air museum, multiple art nouveau museums, and even an International museum of Vodka!

Rostock, Germany (Baltic/Russia)- Along with Warnemunde, Kiel, and Hamburg- this is a convenient departure port for US military families stationed in Germany. Plus this is a seaside resort town, so it’s really pleasant for your overnight stay the night before you cruise!

Rotterdam, Netherlands (Baltic/Russia, British Isles & Coastal, Scandinavia & Fjords)- Rotterdam was reborn like a phoenix after mass destruction during World War II. Since then the canaled city has become ultra-modern with fantastic, sleek, architecture at every turn. Visit the Modern market hall of Markthal Rotterdam. Marvel at the craftsmanship of Dutch Porcelain, or the natural beauty of the Keukenhof Tulips. In town for a little longer? Head onwards to the famous city of Amsterdam with its windmills, clogs, and red light district.

St. Petersburg, Russia (Baltic/Russia) Saint Petersburg’s iconic architecture on the Winter Palace, Peterhof Palace and Gardens, and Kazan Cathedral are sure to warm even the coldest of winter hearts. For a fascinating and gory history lesson and beautiful mosaics head to the Church of the Savior, or Spilled Blood Cathedral. St. Isaac’s Cathedral is so beautiful that it is compared to the one in the Vatican. Go on a sightseeing tour to catch all of these highlights, or head a little outside to a Matryoshka doll workshop, or to the Faberge Museum (the makers of those delicate eggs) for something really special!

Skagen, Denmark (Baltic/Russia)- The yellow-painted town of Skagen is a true Denmark city, with bicycles for rent, pastries for consuming, and fish available to eat right off the boat! Royal Caribbean offers a tasting tour, but there is plenty to taste even if you tour on your own!

Stockholm, Sweden (Baltic/Russia)- Stockholm boasts two UNESCO sites: The Royal Palace Drottningholm, and the Woodland Cemetery. Travel back in time on maintained cobblestone streets and or cruising under gorgeous bridges in this city on a delta. Learn about old ships up close at the VASA museum, and Nobel prize winners at the Nobel museum. Or if you’re more interested in recent culture and history head to the ABBA museum!

Southampton, England (Baltic/Russia, British Isles & Coastal) Southampton is charming port, where you can begin and end your cruise. Bike on a tour to visit the “God’s House Tower,” which currently holds the Museum of Archeology and the ornate carvings of the Bargate, gate. Take a visit to nearby London, or Stonehenge.

Tallinn, Estonia (Baltic/Russia)- Tallinn has beautiful architecture with medieval spires, towers, windmills, taverns, and watermills. You can explore the old town on foot, including the beautiful domed Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the tall St. Olav’s spire (one of the tallest in the world). For both a museum and nature check out the Rocca Al Mare open air museum! For modern art check out Town Wall, or the more classic Kumu Art Museum.

Travemunde, Germany (Baltic/Russia) Travemunde is a convenient entryway to the famous gothic city of Lubeck. Lubeck houses an old fortification wall, cobblestone streets and prominent gothic architecture. Whether you visit a brewery here, the old lighthouse of Travemunde, or sample the Schwerin castle and candy marzipan, you are sure to appreciate this blast from the past.

Visby, Sweden (Baltic/Russia) Visby is an island that is so medieval that it hosts a medieval week each year in August! It maintains cobblestone streets, and an impressive, 13th century, stone, security wall.

Warnemunde, Germany (Baltic/Russia, Scandinavia & Fjords) This beachfront town hosts strong winds prime for kite-flying. Play in the waves, fly your kite, and look out from the lighthouse for a great view. Warnemunde is a delightful and  convenient entrance to northern cruises for military families stationed in Germany!

Zeebrugge, Belgium (Baltic/Russia, British Isles & Coastal)This is the spot for a boat ride! Head to Bruges for a Canal cruise of Medieval architecture, beer tasting, or chocolate making demonstrations of the famous Belgian chocolates. Or head farther inland to Brussels!