Military Families of FIVE in Europe: Here are your TOP TEN most affordable Spring Break cruise options.


We searched every single cruise over your spring break for cabins for five, or side-by-side cabins for two and three. 

Scroll down to see the top ten list with prices!


The MSC Meraviglia and Bellissima are splendid new sister ships. 
This is a picture of the Meraviglia pool deck. 


We know all your school calendars and spring break dates. 

Most DoDEA schools in Europe (including Ramstein, Stuttgart and Kaiserslautern schools) follow the standard region calendar. Your spring break dates are April 8-11. Our top ten list below applies to your dates.

AFNorth, SHAPE, Kleine Brogel, Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels – go to our spring break page to see links to lists of cruises that fall in your dates.


Most cruise ships are a mind-blowing conflation of amusement park and luxury resort – floating at sea! Perfect for families! Especially since the daycare is FREEEEEEEE. 
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HERE’S the TOP TEN LIST of Spring Break cruise deals over April 8-12, 2019.

*These were the prices as of Sept 28 and assume three kids age 15, 10 and 5. Prices may have gone up already or will be different if your kids’ ages are different.

Click on the links to see where these cruises go. They are all 7-day cruises except number 1.

  1.  MSC Lirica April 8th (5-day cruise) from Venice is the cheapest. There are no cabins for 5. But side-by-side, inside cabins total $1676 for both cabins!!
  2. MSC Meraviglia, from Genoa April 6. Ocean view across hall from inside, total for both cabins $2495.
  3. Costa Diadema, April 6 from Savona. Ocean view cabin for 5, total $2785. B1 connecting balconies, total for 2 cabins, $3650.
  4. MSC Divina, from Marseille April 5. B1 connecting balconies, total for 2 cabins, $3650.
  5. MSC Divina, from Genoa April 6. B1 connecting balconies, total for 2 cabins, $3652.
  6. MSC Bellissima from Marseille April 6. FLA (super family fantastica balcony cabin for five or more) only $3750!!
  7. MSC Bellissima from Genoa April 7. FLA (super family fantastica balcony cabin for five or more) only $3811.
  8. MSC Bellissima from Naples, April 8. FLA (super family fantastica balcony cabin for five or more) only $3834.
  9. Costa Fascinosa, from Marseille April 6. Two ocean view side by side cabins, total $4115.
  10. Costa Fascinosa, from Savona on April 7. Two ocean view side by side cabins, total $4165.



You cannot find cabins for 5 online.

These cabins will sell out and prices will go up in the next week. DO NOT WAIT if you need a cabin for 3, 4 or 5 or more over a Spring or Summer Break.


Here’s what an average balcony cabin looks like. That couch folds down to make a double bed, that’s supposed to be sleeping space for two kids. Clearly, if you have two large kids, you’ll want bunk beds instead.


The only 7-day cruise from Venice during your spring break is the Costa Deliziosa, and it is sold out of cabins for 5.

No double and triple cabins near each other either! And the total for two cabins (not near each other) is $5200 and up!

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This is the dining room at the Yacht Club on the MSC ships.

I KNOW what you’re thinking…your little devil would destroy this setting in a heartbeat…isn’t there something less ostentation that kids can relax in?

Yes yes yes. Don’t worry. There are many great eating venues without fancy tablecloths.


If you have a limited amount of time in Barcelona there are sights you can skip – but the Sagrada Familia Basilica is an absolute must-see.

Most Western Med cruises go to Barcelona. Here are some Spring Break options


Who knew there’s so much interesting architecture in Barcelona!

There is. And you can get affordable, front of the line tours to see it all from Get Your Guide.


A bike tour is one of the most affordable ways to enjoy Barcelona – if everyone in your group can ride. 

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If your cruise goes to Palermo or Messina – GET EXCITED – because you’re going to SICILY! This is Taormina with the volcano Mt. Etna in the distance. 

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Or, tour around the Sicilian locations of the famous film by Francis Ford Coppola, “The Godfather.”

Kleine Brogel, AFNorth and SHAPE’s Spring Break is the latter full two weeks in April.

Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels – Spring break is the last week in March.