Travel Insurance

We provide a military discount on travel insurance as well for when the unexpected happens. Read the entire policy here, and click here to purchase the policy. Just enter your most recent US address and not your APO address or call us at 866-964-5482 or email us to purchase it for you.

Military people always need to protect themselves from losing their money in the event of a last minute redeployment or if their leave is revoked!

Protect your travel investment. It is not expensive and can be a life saver!

What’s more - Insurance is FREE for all children of adults who purchase our travel insurance!

We wanted to make it more affordable for our military families to book a cruise the security of knowing if anything happens, they are protected.

Insurance allows you to recover the cost of your cruise if you have to cancel for a covered reason like:

illness, injury or death in the family, redeployment or revocation of leave. You also get medical coverage while you’re on the cruise.

Most home health insurance plans do not cover you once you get out in international waters.

So, having health insurance at home is not enough.

In order to have the plan cover preexisting conditions you need to add it within a week of booking your cruise. Add it here now.

Why are some claims denied? Click here

Need cancel for ANY reason coverage? Ask us for a quote. It pays 80% of your loss if you cancel for any reason at all.

How much will insurance cost? Read below or price and book online here.

The price of insurance is based on trip cost and age.

Here’s how you determine your trip cost.

Take the cabin total for your cruise, and divide that amount by the number of people in your cabin.

That gives you the per person trip cost of your cruise to use in the matrix below.

Go down the column for your age range until you get to the row that matches your trip cost in the far left column.

So, If you are 40 years old, and your per person trip cost is $485, your insurance cost is $38 per adult, and free for any kids in the cabin!

Click here to see the complete policy! Click here to purchase the policy.


Covered Reasons for Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Attending immediate family members birth

Complete cessation of services 24 hours

Covered Travel Delay - loss of 50%

Death of Family Member

Death of Insured

Death of Traveling Companion

Destination uninhabitable

Employer Termination - 1 yr.

Felonious Assault

Financial Default

Foreign and Domestic Terrorism


Home uninhabitable

Illness of Family Member

Illness of Insured

Illness of Traveling Companion

Injury of Family Member

Injury of Insured

Injury of Traveling Companion

Involved in a traffic accident


Legal separation or divorce

Loss of accommodations abroad

Military Obligations

Normal Pregnancy

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