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Holland America’s Military Deals and Discounts

Our search engine is configured to find Holland America’s best rates, AND add an ADDITIONAL military discount from us to ALL Holland America cruise bookings that are made on our Web site. Sorry but only US and Canadian military are able to book with us.

The links to the right show will show today’s best deals and any military discounts on all Holland America sailings.

You can book a Holland America cruise on our site here with complete confidence that you’re getting the best price because:

  • not only are we always less than all other online travel agencies and booking with Holland America directly,
  • we also will re-fare you cruise rate to the new lower rate if one is ever offered by Holland America for your cruise.

suiteHolland America has been in the cruising business for 142 years! So these folks are experts at cruising and hospitality at sea.

The Holland America fleet includes 14 ships, which sail to more than 100 countries and all seven continents. Holland America does everything from 3-day cruises to 110-day grand world voyages.

If we had to choose two words to describe Holland America, we’d have to say, “dignified and understated.” The third word would be affordable. Holland America offers better value than almost any other cruise line.

All of their ships are considered to be “spacious mid-sized”, which means, big enough to have all the bells and whistles of luxury and entertainment, but there will be fewer people, shorter lines, and it won’t take you a half hour to walk from one end of the ship to the other if you forget something in your stateroom.

If you’d like 2017 to be the year you take a 111-day voyage around the world from Fort Lauderdale, you can in this 1200-square foot luxury penthouse cabin on the Holland America ship, ms Amsterdam, for a mere $85,000 per person. But hey - your military discount from us would be about $5000, if that helps!