How to Find Deals

Every day our cruise search engine sifts through all cruise sailings and identifies the best rates, special offers and upgrades available to you today.

We always beat rates offered by the cruise lines, on-base agencies, Vacations to Go, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline and most other sites! CALL US to see!

If the rates you find look the same as what you find elsewhere, it is because many cruise lines don't allow discounted rates to be posted online, so it is best to call us at 866-9-MILITARY (866-964-5482) or email us after you find the cruise you want to check for lower rates!

The way our program works is simple.

When the cruise lines don't offer a military rate, we simply apply a discount for you which is deducted from the commission the cruise lines pay to us.

When the cruise does have a military discount, we add our discount to it so you get a DOUBLE discount! It is that simple.

You can even book directly with any cruise line and pay a deposit (but not full payment) and then we can apply your discount to your final payment. All you have to do is call us with your confirmation number!

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