Disney cruise military discount rules

Disney CRUISE Military Discount Rules
Disney CRUISE Military Discount Rules

Wanted to book a cruise from Disney cruise line for you and your family? Belongs to the united states military? And wanted to know the military discount rules that the Disney cruise line offers? Welcome to this article here we will satisfy all your queries about the Disney cruise military discount rules and bring the best for you that the Disney cruise line is offering.

Disney cruise line offers special military rates for the active personals of the military, the retirees, and the honorably discharged veterans. The military offers are only limited to one stateroom per member per sailing.

Discounts offered by Disney cruise:

Disney cruise line offers military discounts at a selective time during the year and discounts are not available throughout the year. If one is interested to get on a cruise from the Disney cruise line by availing of the special military offers then he must have to plan his vacation when the discounts are available on the cruise line. The discounts are offered mostly during the military holidays and memorial days like a veteran day.

The Disney cruise line is a reliable partner of the military travelers and many whooping military personals travel with the Disney cruise line and avail its military discount offers and make their trip the best of their lifetime.

Who can avail the military discounts?

The Disney cruise military discounts can be availed by the following people

  • All the active-duty personals of the US military.
  • All the retirees of the US military
  • Spouses of US active and retired personals.
  • Personals from the US department of defense.

These people can be from the US navy, US marines, and US air Force.

Terms and conditions for military discounts:

While traveling with the Disney cruise line under the special military offers following are some terms that have to consider before boarding into the cruise of your dreams.

  • The offer’s availability is limited to only 50 staterooms.
  • The rates offered by the cruise line are in dollars and can’t be combined with other offers.
  • Prices will exclude government taxes and fees.
  • The offer is limited to a maximum of one stateroom per personal per sailing.
  • Active and retired personals of the US military must provide a valid identity card before check-in.
  • The cruise military discount is entertained only when there will be one adult having the proof of military services is there in one stateroom.

How to avail the military discounts from the Disney cruise line?

Disney cruise line announces its military discounts 30-60 days before the individual sailing. No later than 70 days before the sailing, the full fare has to be paid and the cruise line doesn’t allow you to convert the full fare into military rates.

If one has already booked a cruise from the Disney cruise line at full rates and later wanted to use the military offers offered by the Disney cruise line then he will have to pay the military rate from his pocket and after the confirmation has made he get the military discount he has to cancel the full fare booking that he has previously made.

Keep in mind that after canceling the previous booking of full fare rate you will not get all your money back in your hand but you will get 75% of it or even less than that depending upon the time frame under which you have to cancel the booking. Despite the deduction of the money, you will still save some of the money but you will have to go with the military offer now and you will lose all the dining reservations, shore excursion reservations, and all the other additional reservations you have made with your previous booking.

It is advisable to don’t go in a hurry but wait for the military offers announcement so don’t get tangled in the canceling game and don’t lose any of your money.


During your cruise with the Disney cruise line you and your loved ones can enjoy the following facilities that are offered under military discounts.

  • Dance performances on Broadway-caliber song.
  • Disney-themed activities and experiences for children adults and families.
  • The presentation of freshest and healthiest seafood with elegant culinary.
  • A visit to the Disney cruise line’s very own island paradise, Disney castaway cay, and Caribbean sailings.
  • Can avail of the onboard activities.
  • Can experience the luxury spa and fitness area.

And many more like that


Who qualifies for Disney military discounts?

The active-duty personals of the U.S military, the retirees of the U.S military, national guardsman and the coast guardsman, medically disabled member of the military and foreign military assigned to the US with the U.S id card is eligible.

What documents will be required when I check-in for my cruise?

At check-in, all the passengers must have their passports and the other acceptable proofs for the citizenships, and their military id cards if availing of the military discount offer.

How the Disney cruise line ships are different?

The Disney cruise line has 4 ships that are Disney magic, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney dream.

Each of the 4 ships has a distinctive design and state of the art restaurants, entertainments, and activities.


Let’s conclude our discussion here. It’s a great gesture of the Disney cruise line that its offers heavy discounts for the brave men and women of the country who serves the country with all their blood and sweat. The offers are legit and availing criteria is easy too that not need to follow a hectic procedure for availing the military discounts. You only have to wait for the perfect time to book your cruise and you are ready to check-in on the cruise of your choice.

It is going to be a fun experience for you and you’re if you are planning to travel with the Disney cruise line.

Most importantly don’t forget to bring your passport and ID cards with you while boarding on the cruise from the Disney cruise line.